Monday, April 14, 2008

Wanna Get Plastered? Don't Ask Me to Help :-)

So, last evening I finally decided to get brave and take the plaster mold off my clay model. I have been so excited about sculpting in clay (something very new for me, unless you count playing with Play-Doh as a child), making a plaster mold (another something very new for me, unless you count long ago childhood memories of wielding a piece of sandpaper on the drywall while our parents did all the real work of taping and sanding on the new house), and then pouring cement into the mold to make a cool bird feeder (bird feeder, new; cement/concrete, not an expert, but not new).

Well, guess what? My mantra for learning glass, "there is no wasted glass, ya learn something new no matter what the end result," has a new home with the clay and plaster, too! Even with the generous help of others sending me tips, there is no substitute for actually mixing the plaster yourself. Apparently, I happily mixed up too little plaster for the first coat (and quite possibly, too little plaster from a ten year old container that was not good anymore). Then, reasoning that since you can add more coats as long as the plaster is still moist, I wet the whole thing with damp paper towels for a long time and then added another coat.

Let me just say this:


But I will happily try again! This is too much fun :-)

Happy Monday, Everyone!

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