Sunday, April 27, 2008

WebKinz Making Wishes...Lots of Wishes!

Didn't I tell ya I love dandelions? Apparently, the seed doesn't fall too far from the weed, huh? James and Kate and their assorted WebKinz were grabbing handfuls of dandelion puffs yesterday. They'd carry them gingerly back around the house. Then they'd "make it snow". Look at that blizzard of wishes!

Right now, I'm thinking of all I might wish for if I had a blizzard of wishes. Funny, your wishes change as you grow older, don't they? I'm quite certain the munchkins were wishing for yet another WebKinz to add to their already stuffed collections. Here are some of my wishes:

  • that James and Kate will always feel the potential of having wishes come true
  • that they learn how to work at making wishes come true
  • that all their wishes someday include a few wishes for making other people's wishes come true
  • that I live at least another 42 years to watch them
  • that the neighborhood tomcats would find peace and stop peeing on my deck...hey, buddy, that ain't your territory-- it's ours!
  • that dark ivory glass is always available
  • that a bigger torch and endless oxygen would magically poof into my studio so I could make even bigger overgrown beads/sculptures out of glass because glass has such a wonderful way of flowing and carrying your emotions with it to the kiln
  • that the New Madrid fault stays stable for another hundred years so I don't have to wonder when the big one that makes rivers flow backwards is going to finally hit us
  • that all of my glassy friends from all over the world would suddenly move into my neighborhood
  • that the entire southern parts of Indiana would miraculously relocate harmlessly to someplace else so that the drive to see my parents in Kentucky would be two hours shorter
  • that I don't step on this pair of glasses and then wear crooked frame ones for three years just because I "only need them when I take my contacts out"
  • that 1000 people click on this blog today, outclick to my gallery pages, and then go to my Etsy shop and buy it all in one fell swoop
  • that since I only have 12 items available today the other 988 people would bookmark my page and just find some joy in having browsed through my slightly "out there" at times gallery pages
  • that they then go to some of these Etsy shops and buy them out, too:

N Valentine Studio "These Beads Were Made For Walkin!

Sheila Morley

Whimsy by Mari

Gypsy Flame - Original One of a Kind Wearable Art!

Villa Design ~ distinctive glass beads & jewelry

Whew! I need my coffee! All that wishing, and I still didn't get more than halfway through my list of great Etsy shopping spots! Guess that'll have to do for today. Now for one more wish:

that YOU have a WONDERFUL Sunday!


Kokoro said...

I love reading your blog Angie... it says so much of you as a person. If I could have one wish, it would be to be more like you. I think James and Kate will grow up to be very unique because they had you as their mother.
take care,

Karolen said...

I have a wish: that we had green grass and dandelions in Arizona. And also fireflies. And that Double Helix would make Terra again!
Love your blog, and cute kids!