Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What Goes on in Your Mind??

What Goes on in the Mind of a Woman

What Goes on in the Mind of a Woman

What does go on in the mind of a woman? Oh, chances are, you'll never know half of it...I think it's really true that women tend to see more of the big picture, tend to spend more thought on connecting various thoughts, tend to have many different thoughts all swirling together at the same time while still staying individually defined. What goes on in the mind of a woman? Maybe the most that you can know is simply that beneath a peaceful, contemplative face such as this one, there lie many thoughts.

Yeah, what does go on in your mind? Besides the snippet of a song that says, "What goes on in your mind"? Okay, whether you want to know or not, here's what's going on in my mind this morning:
  • What song is that from?? It's going to drive me crazy. Gotta go google it or youtube search it or something! Can't even remember whether it's country or rock or one of those in-betweeners from years ago.
  • Do I have time to start the laundry before I start torching? or, wait, do we all have another set of clean underwear/shirt/jeans for tomorrow? maybe just do the towels?
  • Wonder if Soupie is working tonight or off tonight? Haven't called her in a while. Wonder what she's been up to besides work?
  • Ma and Pop went to her high school reunion night last Saturday. She goes every year, whether or not it's a spotlight year for the Class of 1962. How long has it been since I've even seen someone from the Class of 1984?
  • Sharon was surprised to see some of my sculptures done in color instead of ivory or Nile green or turquoise. Hmmm, maybe I should do some of the temples Joan requested in bright colors? Well, of course, they should be in bright colors, that's what makes them so ornate in a festive sort of way.
  • Could I even find my old avatar picture, the one with flames shooting out of the Nani's Cousin bead? **sigh** Which computer? Oh, it's here somewhere, but I just wanted a change for a while.
  • I like seeing people's real faces in their online "tiny heads". Maybe it makes you feel more connected even though it's the virtual world? I know I smile back at Carol's pic every time she posts something. That's the friendship side of that thought. The business side of that is: if my pic doesn't look friendly, will it turn people away?
  • Should I have that last asiago cheese bagel from the St. Louis Bread Co. for breakfast? or should I be a sweet mommy and save it for K-a-t-i-e? Eh, sorry kid, methinks the mommy will have it this time.
  • Last time I was near a St. Louis Bread Co., James and I got one asiago cheese bagel, a loaf of three cheese bread, and a danish for each of us. The bread and bagel were supposed to last a few days, but got demolished by the after-school-I'm-starving-Mom munchkins!
  • Have I shared too much or not enough so far? is the kiln warm now? how long before the load of towels in the washer is done so the next load can start? did I really already have my cup of espresso this morning? is that storm Venessa was talking about really headed our way?
  • Why are the birds flocking to our little bird feed branches that we cover with peanut butter and seeds? is it for the seeds? or for the peanut butter? there are scrape/beak marks where there was a peanut butter coating-- they like the peanut butter!
  • Hang on just a minute. BRB. Gotta go find something...dang, it was the Beatles and I didn't know it?? Here ya go, here's the video :)
Hope you have a terrific day!

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