Thursday, April 10, 2008

Which Stooge Are You?

I was gonna write about this picture, but the real Stooges are just so much more fun to discuss!
And, yet, I kinda like this picture, so there ya go-- political satire and nostalgia, all in one blog post :)

Nyuk, nyuk!
Which Stooge are you?
More importantly, where do you stand on the Curly vs. Shemp question?

Well, I've just been googling, looking for a free quiz we could all take to answer the question of the day, "Which stooge are you?". Unfortunately, the only one I've found so far won't be very agreeable for those of us who know who Moe, Larry, and Curly are. If you are old enough to be familiar with the Stooges, then you are probably also old enough to say, "Hey, I'm not giving out my email address just so I can sign up for a quiz to see which Stooge I am. . .heck, I already know which Stooge I am."

In light of that, let me give you this link instead:
by Dave Spatt

He's pretty much right on the money is his brief explanation of "Stoogality"!

Now, for the Curly vs. Shemp vs. Curly Joe discussion. Shemp always gave me the heebiejeebies, something so incredibly strange about him, even for a Stooge. No one could take Curly's place, nyuk, nyuk. Still, let me see if I can't find you a fun link or two about Curly and his fellow not-Moe-or-Larry's. Be right back. . .

Absolute Stooge: a page all about Shemp

Moe Howard on the Mike Douglas Show

Oh, good grief, I keep getting distracted by more Stooge videos. Hmmm, think I better get going and get some work done! Nyuk, Nyuk!

P.S. Angie=Moe


Anonymous said...

ANGIE look at the faces good, who is that ????????? The pres, nominnes maybe ?

angelinabeadalina said...

Yes, I know! I pretty much think the picture fits :)! But I didn't want to spend a whole blog entry ranting and raving about people who don't have experience wanting to run the country, people who do have experience who'll want to keep us in a war we can't win, and people who make other people just so darn mad that voting for them would probably be a wasted vote. . . see, I'm already ranting. I prefer the message that all three of them are stooges-- sorry for the insult, Moe, Larry, Curly, Shemp, and even Curly Joe!