Thursday, May 15, 2008

Any Tips on Bigger Torches?Know Someone with a Used One for Sale?

I'm drooling over bigger torches, I really am. These figures I've been doing are stretching my abilities and my torch. It's true, though, that if I just give it some more practice time, my Betta torch will probably suffice. . .maybe that stimulus check is burning a hole in my pocket, after all?

Anyway, it never hurts to ask around and see what other people think about equipment they've tried! Any good stories, any bad stories, any wish-I-woulda-known stories? Please, leave some comments for all of us to share :)

Gotta get moving. Gotta quick trip to Fairview Heights and then right back to school for the kiddos. . .although we might have to grab some breakfast from the St. Louis Bread Co. while we're over there.

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