Thursday, May 29, 2008

Gimme Faded Jeans and T-shirts

I say:
I agree. Jeans, t-shirt, slip-on sandals. Keys in my pocket, and I am ready to go. Much to the chagrin of most grownups I know, I prefer my jeans very faded, and they aren't broken in right until they have at least one hole in the knee. Some people think about their health, some people think about their looks, this person thinks a big incentive for finally starting to exercise again is that I want to fit back into some of those holey Levi's. . . yeah, you know what, I really want to be wearing some of my favs again. Yes, I want to be healthy again and end my love affair with junk food, but the Levi's are such a tangible motivator. Yikes, I can't believe I told you that, and I can't believe I'll actually do it, but sometimes it takes a lot of false starts before you really get in gear.

Here's another thing I say:
Go out and have a wonderful day, no matter what you're doing. . .find something wonderful about it, treasure some little detail, laugh at the preposterous because there's no way to fix stupid, just have a sunny day :)


ellen said...

Faded jeans and a T; that's my idea of a perfect life. And without makeup and no time spent on the hair. Alas, I can't quite go that far. Now that I'm retired, I can do the faded jeans and T but I guess I'm too conscious of my appearance to go without makeup (although certainly don't wear much anymore; my eyes have stopped excepting shadow and mascara) and my hair only takes about 2 min. so I'm still gelling and spraying.

angelinabeadalina said...

My hair never does what it doesn't want to do, anyway. It doesn't do me much good to do anything except comb it, spray some shine stuff on it to keep the frizzies from popping up, and let it dry on its own. Oh, and the grays? They will stay...I'm just hoping they'll play nice and be pretty shades of gray :)