Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Greer Kids Playing Pranks? Nah, Never!

What is that you see? That would be our cousin Patrick (aka Bubba) and my father taking the hinges off my brother's bedroom door yesterday. Was my brother locked out and not able to open the door himself? Nah. Was my brother hiding out from the crowd, which included various cousins and cousin's kids and niece and nephew, etc. Bubba and Pop decided to help the little kids get Uncle Bubby to come back out to play. Of course, taking the hinges off the door while Bub was inside is just a little joke on the Grand Greer Scale of Pranks ;)

Most pranks involve water guns, or just plain buckets of water. We've had some great water fights, probably none of our compare with the ones Pop and Uncle Major used to have on the jobs they worked together, but we try :)

Well, sitting here in Panera, with squirming kids and a Grandma to go meet at the mall in a few minutes, so this is a short one. Hope your week is starting out well!


ellen said...

Seems like there's always action of some sort around you, Ange.

angelinabeadalina said...

Well, of course ;) If there's no s**t being stirred by someone else, I always feel obligated to jump in and stir myself, lol!