Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hi, Ya'll. . . Indiana Jones? or Kentucky Jones?

Hi, Ya'll!

Just a quick Wildcat blue hello :)

Kids are busy playing on the swingset, digging thru the toy boxes, petting the rabbit (aka Cat Chow, don't ask), petting the cat and dogs, climbing the rock piles, and digging in said rock piles while looking for treasure.

James and Nate the Great left Kate behind a few times this afternoon. The boys were busy playing Indiana Jones. Each of them got a shovel, and the marched off to one of the rock piles in search of adventure. Dr. Jones (Nate) and Young Luke Skywalker (hey, they couldn't both play the Indiana Jones role) found adventure, all right. They found a toad:
James: "Dude, catch it!"
Nathan: "No, man, you catch it!"
James: "Okay, I'll get a bucket to put him in."
Nathan: "All right, then, and I'll guard him with the shovel."

The boys survived, with a little assistance from Grandma and Kate. The toad survived. Nate the Great and Kate both caught bugs for the toad. James decided it was time to let the toad go free, so Kate carried the bucket back to the rock pile and tipped it over.

Yep, lots of excitement to be found when you're just hanging around at Grandma and Granddaddy's house :)

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