Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hodge Podge of Sunday Morning Pictures

Hmmm, well I did tell you it's a hodge podge of pictures, didn't I? I just wrote captions for a bunch of them, then added more. . . except the two I added ended up here at the top. Oh, well, better just go ahead and post it like it is. It's one of those beautiful, sunny Sunday mornings when time seems to stand still, so I better go enjoy it! Hope you're having a fun day, too!

^^^The newest members of our WebKinz family had to go on a scavenger hunt this morning. James thought they needed to be carried in a special basket. James also decided that the watch Grandma and Granddaddy sent him is really a time machine for the WebKinz, so they've been busy traveling this morning!

^^^ Those are the plaid shorts Grandma got Katie last year.^^^

^^^This is the striped t-shirt I think I got Katie for her birthday, two or three years ago!^^^

You know what's coming, don't you??
Yep, she's wearing them together this morning!

James and the Moocher don't seem to mind Kate's out-there fashion sense, though :)
I imagine if my mother sees this, she will have to remind me of some of the combinations I insisted on wearing when I was about that age! I know there are pictures of me in a black and white vertically striped jumper with a poodle on it, worn over a pastel horizontally striped long sleeve shirt. Lovely combo, that one! Let's see, the purple plaid Toughskins jeans with the red/white/blue print shirt, another lovely combo. Oh, yeah, and don't forget the patchwork print long skirt with one of those striped shirts, neither of which had subtle color combos...lovely sense of style. Kate mixes "don'ts" much better than I ever did.

^^^The grape-scented irises are blooming! I'm sure they have an official name, but I think they smell like grape kool-aid or grape candy. The kids just realized the same thing this morning. Let me see if I can add the picture of them...

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