Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hugging Grandma

Katie looked at this and promptly said to James, "Mom made you and me hugging Grandma!" Now, I told her that it was a grandma, not a mom, but she knew right away what I did. They do love them some Grandma!

The question is, what else will I get my mom for Mother's Day?? She's already ordered and put out enough additional flower bulbs that their yard could be renamed "Holland". She and Vivian went to the nursery at White Mills the other day to pick up her elephant ears. Then she and Geraldine went back on their annual flower buying trek. Oh, I am not complaining, her flowers are a beautiful sight for the eyes all summer long. . . what I'm complaining about is that now what flowers could I possibly get for her Mother's Day present (or for Pop's Father's Day present because when you can't think of what to get him, he's always happy to have you just get Mother more flowers).

Another gardening or country living magazine? Nah, got most of those. Another t-shirt or pair of shoes? Nah, she pretty much finds what she wants and feels comfortable wearing. Already bought her big bags of birdfeed for Easter. She'd usually rather cook on the grill instead of go out to eat. She's endured plenty of "we've got to get this for Mommy because we really want one" presents-- a football for Christmas one year is the one that stands out in my mind!

Hmmm, better think of something!
Hope you have a fun day today!

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