Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kindergarten Graduation and 1st Grade Awards :)

Kindergarten Graduation and Academic Awards Night at Irvington Grade School, whatta night! It was fun watching the kindergarten class try to keep their caps on their heads, for one thing! I was also using the video camera, and I caught at least three caps falling off heads and the accompanying panic and recovery. The kindergarten class also sang a few songs for us and did a chant all about learning at Irvington Grade School. Mrs. Bergen has taught them so much this year, and they beamed when she handed out their awards! I will miss seeing her every morning next year. As a matter of fact, I think maybe she should do 1st or 2nd grade next year so one of my kids can be in her class.
James and the other first graders received their academic awards next. They were so cute, trying to be cool and act like big kids! They are big kids when it comes to their schoolwork, though. Wow! They've learned so much this year. Mrs. Bradham might be "100% serious," but it's 100% serious about learning :) Hmm, I think maybe Katie and James should get to switch off teachers next year. Yeah, just my personal wish, but I think it would be great for both of my kiddos if Kate has Mrs. Bradham for 1st grade and James could have Mrs. Kathy Kindergarten Bergen for 2nd grade. . .

P.S. Did you ever try to get more than one kid to smile nicely at the camera at the same time?? Why is this not possible? I like the cute and funny faces, too, but why can't they both do the same kind of face for a single picture?


ellen said...

Your grads are darling. I love Katie's outfit; so darned cute.

angelinabeadalina said...

I wish I could've posted the pics I took of some of the girls while they were getting their caps and waiting for the program to start. We live in a small town (800), and the place we all refer to as "town" is only about 10-12 thousand people so shopping is limited. Katie and one of her friends had the same dress, and there were at least two more pretty polka dot dresses in similar designs. Of course, the major concern of the boys was trying to see how funny they could walk and still keep their cap balanced on their head :)