Friday, May 16, 2008

My Almost Birthday Girl and "Her" Cat

Today is my last day of having a five year old. Tomorrow is my first day of having two six year olds. That will last until James gleefully turns seven in June and is no longer the same age as Katie. . .until next year. The little boy is not amused by the fact that he is the same age as his little sister for one month each year. Of course, being the "little" one, Kate is as gleeful about her age for that month as James is when the month finally ends!

So, my baby will be six tomorrow. Those pale blue eyes, those freckles, that attitude! When she was four, I'd describe her as four going on forty. Five going on fifty, that's been the saying this year. I don't know if she's self-confident and bossy and headstrong enough to warrant six going on sixty, but you never know ;) I think she'll either be President someday or a Marine drill sergeant! Go, Katie!

Katie and the cat, now that's a story that shows just how powerful the girl's loving attitude is. Katie goes at everything full force. When she loves you, she loves you fiercely. . . and that's a good thing. The cat seems to know this. Moochie lets Katie pick her up and hold her like a baby doll. If you know cats, you know they don't "let" you do anything they don't want to do. Mooch may not be too fond of being carried upside down, but she lets Katie carry her. In fact, she looks for Katie, chooses Katie over the rest of us, and has apparently decided to merely tolerate the rest of us. Mooch lets Katie carry her across the great big wading puddles that have hung around the back yard all during this wet spring. She willingly lets Kate stand her on her back paws while "dancing" her front paws.

Good grief, and now I've lost my train of thought. I was going to wish my shadow a Happy Birthday and talk about all the things I love about her. . .but I think you get the idea :)


ellen said...

Her eyes are telling; she's going to have an exciting life ahead of her. There's a "good" look in them.

Lisa Rippee said...

I love this entry, Angie!! :) Thanks for sharing her with us.

angelinabeadalina said...

Thanks, Ellen & Lisa! The birthday girl got serenaded by her big brother before she was even awake this morning. They're both so excited that today is her birthday :) Hope you guys have a terrific weekend!