Friday, May 2, 2008

Orange Ya Glad It's Friday??

Look! I made a bead!

Okay, so what's so special about that, seeing as how I am a lampworker after all?

Well, I gotta tell ya that I may be the only lampworker on the face of the earth who never practiced making those 100 spacers or perfected a simple round bead. I suck at it. I discovered sculpting, my beads grew and grew larger until they became sculptures, and I rarely try to make a wearable piece any more. . .

One of the rules of marketing for an artist is to always wear a piece of your work if at all possible, so I try to keep one or two wearable overgrown beads to wear. Yesterday, I sold my favorite one, and I figured it was time to make a new one. That's it in the picture, and I gotta tell ya I am pleased with it! It's only about an inch long, but it sure packs a nice bit of orange-y pizazz.

Happy Friday!


Lynda said...

Absolutely Glorious!! A very Happy bead.

ellen said...

Ange - I believe you're on to something here, chica.
Your sculptures are fantastic but I think you would be a smart girl to keep making those big beads. Simply strung, they are wonderful and I'll bet you'd sell your butt off!
Another sister moment: I've never been keen on orange but lately I've been making a lot of beads with orange combos. hmmmmmm Where were you born?