Thursday, May 8, 2008

Play Ball! Fun on a String!

Here's your Friday fun, just a little early...that is, if the video loads this time, then you'll get tomorrow's post today :) Grandma sent the kiddos another goodie package, and one of the toys was a bouncy ball on an extra long string with a velcro wristband. You toss the ball, then you catch it when it bounces back towards you.

Heehee, you catch it if you practice a bunch of times first! See, James and I are kind of clutzy, and we couldn't catch it at first (or second, or third, or fourths, you get the idea). No surprise there. Ah, but Kate, the natural born jock of the family, couldn't catch it either! We sure had a lot of fun trying, though, as you can probably tell from all the giggles and squeals!


ellen said...

My favorite part was when they turned on one another - a perfect sibling moment.

angelinabeadalina said...

Oh, yeah, definitely a perfect sibling moment :) I called my brother so he could listen to them squealing and giggling, but I knew to go ahead and say goodbye and get ready to referee...when I was a kid I always wondered why Mother would spoil our fun by telling Soupie and Bubby and I to "quit before you start fighting." Ha! A mom knows, doesn't she?