Saturday, May 31, 2008

Simple. Sculpted. Satisfaction.


It's Saturday. Kids are home. Cousins are coming. Summer morning after storms. Oxy tank is empty. Won't torch today. This is my sculpting fix for the day.

She's a good fix, too. I really like how the minimal lines suggest a figure so alive. Sometimes, I can hit just the right mark on the "less is more" continuum. For me, she is there. Everyone has their own sensibilities, of course. Some may look at her and say, "Why no head?" or "What happened to the arms?" I look at her and think, "Femininity. Simplicity."

The subjectivity involved in your reactions to any particular piece of art is another reason I love to hear from people who've bought one of my sculptures. I don't want you to buy something that doesn't speak to you. Even during a slow stretch, even though I may be thinking about the selling part of this business since that is reality, what truly makes my soul satisfied is to hear someone say, "That one speaks to me. Send her home." There is no better feeling for an artist.

Yes, I call myself an artist. That's another subjective term, but "artist" is what I feel when I create a satisfying sculpture. You can't just be an artist when things go your way, though. You have to be an artist all the time, through the ugly and the so-so and the what-the-hell-is-that's. It satisfies my soul, and that deep connection is what makes it art for me.


ellen said...

I agreed with every single word!!!

Profusion said...

I think she is beautiful :) I like the no head, no arms shape. And I call you an artist too. You are one, it can't be denied :)

angelinabeadalina said...

Thanks, Ellen and P :) You're wonderful, both of ya!