Wednesday, May 28, 2008

SkinnyDipping...Didja ever??

Okay, I admit it, I have had my daredevil moments but have never been skinnydipping. Heaven only knows what gods were smiling down on me the day I had to swim across a pool to be eligible to get my scuba diving license. I can swim so-so with fins on my feet, but I'm too chicken to practice anything else except floating on my back.

Yeah, you're right, I'm also a little too self-conscious to really want to go swimming naked in broad daylight (even if I could wear my fins). From what I've been hearing, though, skinnydipping is one of those experiences that shouldn't be missed. Do you think it would be considered poor etiquette to ask the other skinnydippers to wear blindfolds?
You know what? I haven't even ever stolen clothes from skinnydippers, just to watch the ensuing chaos if any of them are really on the shy side like I am. Heehee, now that would have to be some fun, too. Not to really steal the clothes, just maybe pick them up and hide them in a slightly different place. . .

So, what the heck, why don't we just dive into another topic here? First, if ya click on any of the pictures, it'll take ya to my Etsy shop where the SkinnyDippers are for sale. . . a girl has to do a little marketing every now and again ;)

Aha, now to the 'nother topic. Shall we discuss my sister's blind date? Nah, that would be kind of rude, except I'm sure she's expecting me to at least bring it up here in a roundabout way. Let me just say, Soupie, that I heard that song with the lyrics "there might be a little dust on the bottle" this afternoon and I thought about ya. . .no, no, not you, him! I still want to know what color his eyes are ;)

Well, that's about it for this afternoon. Got lots of laundry to haul out of the trunk and start washing, got a small basket of junk to put in the studio, got a great big roll of foam wrap to put away (thanks, Mari!), got a get back into schoolnight mode for two more nights this week (and a few next week), and got to convince Moochie the nervous cat that we really are her family and she can come let us pet her again even though we've been gone for what must seem to her a decade!

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ellen said...

I haven't skinny dipped in years but I have fond memories of the act. I've thought a good way to do it now would be to go out in the lake in a boat - jump in - take the suit off and put it within reach on the side of the boat - swim around enjoying the feel of the water on my bare skin and then put it back on.
Now, putting it back on while in the water might be a little difficult. Not too sure about that. Will I give it a whirl? Probably not but it's fun planning it.