Friday, May 30, 2008

Strawberry Dessert for Breakfast

I ate strawberries all day long yesterday. Mmmmmmmmmm, strawberry season has begun here in the flatlands. I had been anticipating it since Kate's birthday on May 17th. Most years, we've had fresh strawberries from the farm down the road to eat with Kate's birthday cake.

It may be hard to believe, considering the sugar sparkling on the berries and cereal in the picture, but we eat our strawberries plain and unadorned most of the time. That's why I say I'm having strawberry dessert for breakfast-- Rice Chex and lots of juicy strawberries liberally sprinkled with sugar.

Eating healthy is a continual battle around here, but fruit is never a burden to consume. James would live on apples, strawberries, grapes, bananas, and watermelon if possible. Kate isn't too crazy about bananas. Oh, and peaches! Oh my goodness, fresh peaches from the orchard are another favorite.

I really don't know where I'm trying to go with this train of thought. Mostly, I'm trying to get my brain and tummy into the fresh food and cook it yourself mode. Talking about all this good stuff helps crowd out thoughts of frozen pizza (call me weird, but I love it as much as hand-tossed pie from a pizzaria) and all the other packaged junk that we seem to crave (oy vey, crave...there goes the White Castle alarm!). We had chicken and broccoli last night, and I'm thinking about roasted red bell pepper for lunch (wish I'd gotten some asparagus at the store yesterday, too).

So, there ya go. Food, food, food. Better get on to my to-do list instead of drooling over food!

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ellen said...

I would prefer those strawberries to my Raisin Bran any day but they're not quite here yet. Oh, I can get the ones from CA and they're ok but MI strawberries from the farmer's market - yum, yum!