Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thank You, Lea Zinke!

Well, Lea, it felt a bit like Christmas morning when I got home from the post office. Thank you so much for the blues and greens!! The kids will be thrilled with the puppy dogs and kitty cats you sent along for them, too! They are really into cats and dogs this year. They spend a lot of time petting the real cat Moochie, playing with their Webkinz cats and dogs and other critters, and point out every dog or cat we see while driving to school or to town.

Thank You!

And now, before I try to squeeze in some torching (I'm trying yours again today, M) to have some sculptures to put in my Etsy shop this weekend, I have to give you some links so you can meet Lea, too. She is such a sweet person (and her beads are AMAZING)!

Lea's Biography page on

Gallery page on

Article in Bead and Button (ya gotta see these pics!)

Okay, I gotta get busy. Sorry to make it so short today, but if I wanna play during the long holiday weekend, then I gots ta get some work done now :)

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ellen said...

Sweep the floors and dust the surfaces and then call it quits!
Have a wonderful weekend.