Sunday, June 29, 2008

Amphiptere Dragon Magick


Born of the flame, given no name, this enchanted melding of dragon and goddess flew from my imagination...she was so easy to imagine, I knew there must already be a name and description for her. I found it this morning while googling dragons. Of the many definitions and references to amphiptere, dragon-like winged serpents, the one I found fascinating was the description at The Serene Dragon. There, amphiptere are described as guardians flying the astral plane. Ah, that is who she is-- a winged guardian traveling the astral planes.

So much more to explore, but gots to get the kiddos dressed. Talk to ya soon. Hope your day has a bit of flame fun tossed in to it, and hope your imagination has good thoughts to toy with today!
Peace, Ang

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ellen said...

Ange, if you get a chance to check my thread in the lobby at WC, "Finding your voice," I'd love for you to add your two cents.
Your imagination, your curiosity, your "voice" is always a joy to me.