Thursday, June 5, 2008

Annnnnnnnnnnn-ti-ci-paaaaaaaaaaaa-tion... and Studio Angels

Long weekends with family, kids out of school for summer, hoses that aren't in stock when you change torches, killer humidity and air conditioners that decide to not come on for the summer. . .big sigh from me. Just wanna torch. Just wanna create. Just wanna bring a bunch of ideas to life! Remember the song "Anticipation" and all those ketchup commercials? I feel like the little kid with a plate of french fries, waiting as the ketchup moves micromillimeters per minute.

Ah, but then I find good signs like this Studio Angel hovering around the chaos in the combination studio/recycling center/storage catchall, and it reminds me that breaks from running can be good for the creative engine. You know, to mix a few more different analogies into the thought, hunger can be a good thing if it isn't prolonged. Think of that kid with the french fries, waiting for the delicious ketchup. Would that ketchup be half as mouth-watering if you didn't have to wait for it? (Agreed, runny ketchup with that clear ketchup blood can't be mouth-watering, but you know what I'm trying to say.)

Looking at the Studio Angel resting on my newly cleaned and straightened worktable, I can't help but feel recharged and happy to pass the days of my break doing other things. The kids and I each have our learning projects for the summer. New notebooks, fresh paper, and cool ink pens never fail to entertain me! Same for watching my kids learn-- never fails to entertain and excite me.

Ah, it is going to be a good summer with plenty of sculpting to come when it's the right time...

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