Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cardboard Robots and WebKinz Sneak Attacks

The masterminds who create special things for their WebKinz have taken the MOM's challenge to create a robot from two apparently normal cardboard boxes. These are the children who renamed Grandma's cat from "269" to "Agent 269". Same children who assisted their slightly older cousin in making schoolbuses and stadiums out of boxes, all for the enjoyment of their WebKinz animals.

Special Agents/Inventors James and Katie add details to the WebKinz robot. MOM had to help spell words: laser, self-destruct, private jet disguise. When working these top-secret missions, S.A. James and S.A. Kate don't have arguments, they have heated discussions regarding design. MOM handed down an executive decision which made the work flow more smoothly-- two sides for each agent, or the boxes go straight to the recycling pile. Solomon she ain't, but MOM has learned a few things ;)

WebKinz Secret Agents Water Sprayer, Blaze, Maddie, and Katlyn man the top-secret WebKinz disguise robot, sort of the Trojan Horse of modern day cardboard. It looks like a robot, but it's really a way for the stuffed secret agents to sneak up on the enemy.

Oops, Secret Agent James just informed me that these are really Super-WebKinz, not mere secret agents. So, there...that's what happens when munchkins get big enough to read over your shoulder!


ellen said...

Oh, boy. I can see a summer bursting with creativity and excitement coming your way.

angelinabeadalina said...

Bursting is just the right word-- this afternoon, they are concocting experiments. Their goal is to see "if we can make something go boom, Mom!" Oh, lawdy, lawdy! Luckily, they don't have any idea that mixing stuff from the fridge and the spice drawer won't really make any booms! I think I will show them baking soda and vinegar volcanoes, though :)