Monday, June 30, 2008

Digging Up Dirt. . . No, Not Gossip-- Real Dirt!

Argh, forgot to take a picture of this old flower bed before I started pulling up grass. That's what I've been doing today. I can't grow flowers worth a hoot, but I decided to do something with this flower bed that my mom hasn't had time to do much with this summer. Of course, the woman has one, two, three, oh, heck, I can't count all of the flower beds she has scattered around this place! Plus, she has a huge garden, chickens, and dogs to tend.

So, this spot at the end of the old shop already has some hen 'n chicks planted in the clay pots, as well as some growing in the recesses of the concrete blocks that form the boundary. A bit of mint (if there can ever be just a bit of mint growing anywhere), some gladiolas, some rose of sharon, and underneath it all grow the magic lilies that will spike up out of the ground somewhere around the beginning of August.

Here's my start at fixing yet another outside place to sit and relax. The stairs were left over from a job Uncle James did a few years ago. The concrete blocks came from behind the new shop. The enamel pan to the right of the stairs has been re-purposed. It is now the seat for my little stack of concrete blocks!

Here's the view to the right of my little spot. That's yet another garden way out near the trees you see in the fence line at the top middle of the pic. That's my mom's potato patch.

And now, I need to head back outside for a bit before sunset. Thanks for coming along on a tour of today's project! I'll show you more pics as soon as I get some plants to put out around the chairs and stepping stones :)


Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

Thanks for sharing those. I'm about to join in your adventure even if I'm on the otherside of the world. LOL We're going to be digging up loads of dirt this end. New beds for my roses, a vegetable garden and something for herbs.

I'm rushing outside with my camera to get those before shots. You're an inspiration.

Love how your patch is looking so far.

LampworkDiva said...

Ahhh - your pictures remind me of my family dairy farm - in fact the picture of Granddaddy looks like my Dad! Smile! What a great setting, thanks for sharing.


ellen said...

Gee, I could feel a real peaceful feeling come over me while looking at those pictures. I can just imagine you sitting in that pretty space, taking in the vista.
I'll look forward to seeing the progress.

Anonymous said...

HEY ANFAYE YOU FORGOT YOUR LITTLE BROTHER , did you get my ram head from swope ? If not you will not see the air card for a while . Any more comment's for me .

angelinabeadalina said...

Okay, Bubby, I just picked up your hood ornament :) Mich, Cindy, and Ellen, it *is* beautiful here in the country at my mom and dad's! The rolling little hills in this part of Kentucky are so much different from the flatlands of southern Illinois! Cindy, this little farm of theirs is across the road from where there used to be a dairy...yep, I grew up downwind of a dairy, so I know a little bit about that lifestyle. My daughter thinks all grandfathers change into overalls and a white t-shirt when they get home from work ;)