Friday, June 20, 2008

Dragonfly with BabyWings...More Practice Needed, It Seems

I made this dragonfly faery before I got the new torch hooked up, so she's about a month old by now. I've been watching her flutter around the sculpture shelf all that time. I'll pick her up, start to take her picture or make her a base, and then put her down again. I like her wings. I don't like her wings. They're in proportion for her body. They're not in proportion for a dragonfly. I shouldn't have left the tweezer marks. The tweezer marks give the wings texture that's needed in the dark glass.

We're always second guessing ourselves, aren't we? Oh, I could write volumes about that, I think. Of course, those volumes would be so crampacked with convoluted ramblings that you wouldn't be able to read them, but I could write them ;)

Maybe, I'll try to write just a little about the tendency to second guess ourselves and how it can be a positive thing. How can all that back and forth, wishywashy stumbling be positive? I think if you listen to yourself when you're doing that wanna-nah, don't wanna conversation, you'll find that you aren't approaching the situation from the right direction. Maybe, you can't decide between heading North versus heading South simply because you really need to be turning East or West.

Something to think about, courtesy of your motormouth blogging friend :)


Deb said...

Angie - looking at that Dragonfly Faery - I'd say you had better cease second guessing yourself. ALL of your work -
written, glass & in sculptures of mixed media is purely inspirational. I think I need a daily dose ;o)

angelinabeadalina said...

:) Luvs ya, Deb! Oh, and I just discovered Gabriela's blog-- great read!

ellen said...

ditto what Deb said.