Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Enter the (Imperfect) Dragon!

HoT DaMnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!
Yesterday was the beginning of a new torching saga for me, and it was funner than sipping the finest bourbon Kentucky can make plus eating a Dairy Queen blizzard on a hot summer night plus looking at the stars while smoking a stinky expensive cigar plus trying on a pair of Levi's that fit perfectly plus shifting a rumbling V8 engine from 1st into 2nd at 45mph ALL ROLLED INTO ONE!!

And thank goodness for that, in more ways than one! Since I'm not even sure which is the finest Kentucky bourbon, haven't had an expensive cigar in ages, the Mustang was part of what seems like another lifetime, and the Levi's currently won't cooperate with my forty-something body, then I'm doubly grateful for the torch :) By the way, I can see the stars a heck of a lot better since I finally got new glasses/contacts, and we had Dairy Queen last night after laughing all the way through Kung Fu Panda. . .I am in love with my life!

If you do lampworking, then you'll know what I'm talking about when I tell you what I did yesterday. If you don't do lampworking, you'll probably just scratch your head and mutter, "So?!" Hang in there, either way, and I'll also tell you how Kung Fu Panda was ;)

I finally got to fire up the big boy torch yesterday. Oh. My. I'd never worked with an inner and outer ring. I gingerly turned the outer ring knobs, and whoooooooooosh! Talk about your radiant heat! I didn't even turn the knobs very much. So, I only saw part of this baby's potential. In anticipation of what this flame would be like, I had cleaned my worktable and put away all traces of Effetre glass. Yep, broke out that box of boro I've had since I ordered my supplies to begin lampworking.

Let's see, big boy torch-check. Boro instead of soft glass-check. Might as well give off mandrel another try even though I failed miserably at it last year when I finally tried it- CHECK.

I made a tiny goddess with no head (ran out of glass because I'd only cut a single rod of clear). Then I made a sun with some funky pretty but more pink than orange Momka's glass encased in more clear. The Momka's is pretty in the middle, but I didn't make it very smooth shaped (it's lopsided as hell, and I usually like a little asymmetry). Aha, but the clear rays extending from the sun, those are sweeeeeeeeeet for a beginner. Then, I made the dragon you see in these pictures.

Yes, enter the dragon, imperfect though he may be! I did it! I broke his legs and wings at the end, but I did it! I tried! I think I'll probably save him forever, even with his broken off leg and wings that are no more. I managed to do a cold punty, which I'd never gotten the hang of doing when I tried off mandrel last year.

I finished with a paperweight Goddess, and now I can't wait to try again. I think I know why the wings broke off the dragon's body. I didn't let the joints really flow together when I added them. The leg, well , the leg probably broke because I'm clumsy and because I should've chosen a different spot for attaching that punty. I should've put the punty farther away from the leg so I could tap the punty off without beating the leg against the table in my clumsiness.

Wow, thanks for listening to all that! I am just so excited to be taking steps on a path that intimidated me for so long :)

P.S. Kung Fu Panda was hilarious, and just a little bit mystical. Hey, remember this-- "the secret is that there is no secret ingredient." Good message encased in laughter, that's what I'd say about this one :)


ellen said...

Ya see what one year of life experience does for you; you tackled something and won! Yea for you!!!

whimsybymari said...

I am so proud of you. I can;t wait for great and wonderful things. Mari

Profusion said...

Well done! Congratulations on taking the scary step, I know all about those :)

angelinabeadalina said...

Thanks for listening to my glass babble, you all! Virtual hugs and smiles to each of you, Ang