Friday, June 13, 2008

Face It. . .

Face It. . .

  • Even when you don't have a set Monday thru Friday schedule, Friday's have a special feel to them
  • Quiet coffee time by yourself to start the day beats everybody chattering and cartoons blaring and drumbeats on the couch (don't ask)
  • Orange juice tastes better with pulp
  • Glass is good
  • The end of the toilet paper should hang over the top not under
  • Boys will be boys will be boys
  • Ice cream tastes better on a hot day
  • Ice cream may taste better on a hot day, but that doesn't mean it tastes bad on a cold day ;)
  • No matter how ripe you like your bananas, the ones you just bought two days ago are already rotten when you reach for one today
  • Cats are weird, good, but weird
  • Dogs are goofy, good, but goofy
  • Writing muses are easily distracted
Time for me to get on with the day. . . Maybe, just maybe, my day will include putting something together for this fun fairy face. She was made on the mandrel, and she's wide enough and heavy enough that my sweating hands were having trouble holding on to her by the time I started adding lips and wings. Face it. . . asymmetry is my thing :)

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ellen said...

I love that your fairy doesn't look like one of those foo-foo things out of Disney. She's FUN!!!