Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Goofiness Reigns Supreme around Here. . .

That's my daughter, the Princess of Particularly Goofy Faces and Moods! After so much seriousness in the last week or so, I thought you might enjoy a shot of goofiness to start your day.

If Uncle Bubby or Aunt Soupie happen to read this, let me warn you ahead of time. Your niece has some new goofy voices and acts in her repertoire. One is a squinty-eyed version of this face, accompanied by a hunched over back and a running one-way conversation that goes something like this, "I'm just a little old lady, a little old lady. . .Can I have a drink of your Diet Coke?" Do I have any more explanation? Nope. She's just goofy.

Here's to a bit of goofiness and fun in your day, too!
Peace and a few scrunchy goofy faces, Ang


Deb said...

Nothing at all wrong with goofy faces! It's cute....well while you are younger & can get away with it anyway. Great photo of Kate, Ang, I'm sure she'll thank you for it one day ;o) Deb

ellen said...

I love goofy kids. I was Skyping my niece the other day and her daughter, age 13, was playing with the webcam and all of a sudden, she had a pig nose. A few minutes later I was looking at a space alien. I told my niece to take the mouse away from her. Her nickname (given by me) since birth is "Stinky Marie." She seems to be living her name. Goofball.

angelinabeadalina said...

Oh, yeah, Deb, I'm going to have lots of fun pics to share with that one and her friends when she's a teenager...insert evil mom laugh here :)

Ellen, you are my kind of aunt! "Stinky Marie" sounds like the most delightful person, and I'll bet she enjoys every minute she gets to spend with Great Aunt Ellen. Heehee, now I can't wait to get my mom and dad's webcam thing set up next week so I can try the pig nose thing on my dad.