Thursday, June 26, 2008

How Many Angels Would Fit on the End of a Glass Rod?

How many angels would fit on the head of a pin? I know that phrase from somewhere, but I can't even tell you its origin. For some reason, in my mind it has a connection with philosophers and the 19th century. I could look it up, I suppose. Might even do that later.

But for right now, my question to you is "How many angels would fit on the end of a glass rod?" The answer? One wobbly one when I made this angel off mandrel! I wish I could fully describe to you the differences between working with a glob of glass that is supported by a stainless steel mandrel versus working with a glob of glass that is supported by just itself. With that wire (mandrel) assisting me, I've come to the point where I blast the heat and still keep ivory soft glass from slithering off the wire and glopping onto the steel worktable. I revel in it, actually. I love it. Now, I'm trying to coax hard glass (aka boro, or borosilicate, or that pyrex stuff) to move and be shaped. I will learn this, I will.

I guess this is one of those mornings when I'm all talked out, so that's all the rambling for now, folks :)


ellen said...

Ok, you have that big girl torch now; you're going to have to stop using words like "slithering" and "glob." There MUST be some ten dollar, fancy pants words you can use to impress the masses.

Deb said...

She still looks like a pretty darn fine angel to me Ang. Look at the way she is catching that light - & the first thing I noticed was the elegant tilt to her head.
My personal favorite was the "glopping" - something which I can do extremy well even with my little big girl torch ;o)

angelinabeadalina said...

Heehee, I spew enough ten dollar words when I get going, Ellen, don't encourage the motormouth :) Deb, I kinda like the glopping mode, too. Boro really is so much stiffer than the Moretti ivory that I love. It's almost like learning to sculpt all over... almost, some things transfer, just not fast enough :)

Lisa Rippee said...

I have NO doubt you'll get it! Great job already!! I'm glad you're having fun with the extra fire power.