Saturday, June 14, 2008

Indiana Jones Wrestles the WebKinz Snake

Dr. Jones gets up his nerve and wrestles the WebKinz snake. Okay, so his outfit looks like he could just as well be the Crocodile Hunter, but the little boy was thrilled with getting to open birthday presents one day early. . .and he was thrilled with the combination of goods. Grandma just happened to choose a snake WebKinz for him, and the M.O.M. picked out new clothes with an eye towards the boy playing Indiana Jones. The cowboy hat turned out to be too little, but stuffing the snake inside it for him to open was pretty cool.

Of course, with more of the cousins here for the weekend, he and Kate ended up with oodles more toys. Sheesh, this birthday season has been an entire month of celebrations. From Kate's birthday four weeks ago, until James' birthday today, these kiddos have been super-spoiled with attention and presents. The kid in me understands their delight, and the mom in me hopes it doesn't totally turn them into greedy little boogers.

Apparently, my new seven year old grew up overnight, too. This morning he gave me a high five when I told him "Happy Birthday." I'm sure the hugs won't stop coming, but I have a feeling that seven is a magical growing up number in the boy's mind. Looking at him this morning, I think he feels older.

Remember that? That notion that you would automatically change on your birthday? The feeling that you were instantly an entire year older and more "grown up"?
My wish for my little boy is that the magical feeling lasts for a long, long time :)


ellen said...

Happy birthday, James!!! What a fun age.

angelinabeadalina said...

Thanks from James, who is still snoozing after a hard day of playing with Kate and their cousin Victoria :)