Monday, June 16, 2008

It Ain't Easy Being Green. . .

Well, I have no idea why I chose the title "It ain't easy being green" for today's ramblings, except that I'm planning on trying to melt and recycle some beer and champagne bottles left from this weekend's celebrations. Heather's sweetie Brian snagged two empty champagne bottles at Jeff and Deana's reception, but I was too slow in grabbing the others. Ricky suggested trash-can-diving to find oodles more. . . until I lifted a trash can lid and showed him the prospects of actually finding the bottles :) This used to embarrass the hell out of me, soon became merely fodder for my jokes, and now is apparently an option in my own repertoire-- my recycling crazy hubby will dig recyclable bottles and cans out of the trash can at a party (unless it's a work related soire, for those he attempts to reign in his diving and followup scoldings about how we have to save the planet for our kids). Egads!

The quasi-eyeball in the picture above is the bottom of a beer bottle. I was playing with my photo software and added the pupil and lines in the iris. Which gets me to thinking, wonder when someone will start putting pictures on the bottoms of bottles? I'll bet it's been done sometime or another, after all I really do believe there's nothing new under the sun. I'd just like to see some. . . maybe I'll google that later.

Oh, oh! and I'll have to show ya some of the goodies I recycled from Jim Bob's scrap metal pile, too! Hot dog! Jim made the mistake of mentioning he'd just added some things to the pile. Before he and Ricky could even blink, I had waved bye to Sara and shot out the garage door. When they finally ambled out to the scrap trailer, I already had a pile of goodies :) Score! I got an old metal box, some rusty old-fashioned bottle openers, a tin bottle of oil, a rusty shovel head, and all sorts of little odds and ends that I crammed into the metal box. I also put dibs on some of those metal legs for sawhorses, as well as a small table saw stand. . . I kinda got the feeling I'm not going to get those, though. Heehee, I think my enthusiasm for my finds rubbed off on the boys, because they were discovering all sorts of bits and pieces that Jim shouldn't have put in the scrap pile after all!

Okay, the kiddos are up and I need to get my day started. Catch ya later!


Tasha said...

You truly are a Greer....can't stand to have anything thrown away that you might NEED. :) This is why our dads have garages and barns full of stuff they might need.

Hope you're having a great day!

angelinabeadalina said...

LOL, ya know me well, don't ya?? Hey, those garages and barns are a great source of entertainment for me, ya know :) Hope your Monday is a good one, too!

ellen said...

I don't even need to see a picture of your "picking" adventure - your description was vivid enough. I now have a very clear image in my head of your face, wild with glee, heading toward the pile 'o goodies.