Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Keeping Creativity in Motion with the DragonMamaKundaliniQueen


What a mouthful that name is! Each part of it describes this one, so hey, I just christened her the DragonMamaKundaliniQueen. See, the thing is I love to torch but simply have not gotten my daily doses of flame time lately. It looks like once or twice a week might end up being the torching schedule for me this summer. Yep, I am whining just a wee bit.

For me, melting glass is the way to express myself and actually feel that I've done something that counts. My sketches are no more than outlines to guide me through sculpting the molten glass. My sewing machine is still buried under other stuff in the avalanche closet; face it, if I really wanted to sew nowadays, I wouldn't have that machine at the bottom of the pile. My posters and cards are last minute slap it together wish I'd started earlier creations that usually bring a smile but certainly aren't art.

Ah, but you can't let yourself think this way about the alternatives to your favorite creative release, or you risk letting your creativity stall itself in the middle of the expression highway. New application of those physics laws you vaguely remember from high school-- creativity in motion will tend to stay in motion.

So, what am I doing to keep my creativity in motion? I'm ordering lots of sculpture books from the interlibrary loan system at our local library. I'm skimming bits and pieces of these books. I'm checking out the pictures for ways to add more to my sculpted figures without detracting from the graceful, "less is more" flow. I saw a sketch last night of a Greek sculpture (<--couldn't find the sketch online but this link is an interesting one about Greek art) in which the marble robe flowing across the female figure looked as if it were gossamer. How do you give the illusion of gossamer when your material is literally hard as a rock? I'm going to have to try to do that in glass. I've got the fluidity in my sculptures, but can I add the delicacy?

Putting glass thoughts into words is another way I'm trying to keep the creativity in motion, hence the DragonMamaKundaliniQueen's strange but interesting name. Her story is incubating in the back of my mind, even as I write today's blog. Oh, and she has a story, it just didn't reveal all of itself while she was in the flame. Dragon-like tail and Eastern influence, goddess mama, kundalini yoga coiled snake energy, and regal bearing of a queen are all bits and pieces of the story.

Maybe I'll try another modeling another clay figure and using it to make a waste mold for a concrete piece. Thanks to Sheila's tips on using the plaster, I finally did a decent mold this spring. After playing with the concrete mixture a few times, I think I'll make a better consistency for pouring into the mold this time. It's another creative addiction in the making, though, and if I have a block of time available then I want to spend it torching.

Just writing that last sentence points out the key to the beginning of a solution. Just as I no longer save my reading for times when I can read cover to cover until a book is done, I need to start thinking differently about art time. I get too caught up in this all or nothing mentality when I think about torching. Most of my sculptures take at least an hour to make, and even the few I've done with the big boy torch so far took about forty-five minutes. I'm not willing to try garaging and reheating pieces every fifteen minutes to do them in segments, but why do I think I have to make more than one sculpture in a day? Wouldn't making one be at least as satisfying right now as sitting here lamenting that I can't go downstairs and make three or four goodies?? Gotta open my mind to all sorts of possibilities, instead of boxing myself into a stifling little corner for no reason.


ellen said...

Boxing yourself into a stifling corner is NOT something I see you ever doing. Your creative mind will never let you do that.

Tasha said...

Hey, I'm a one bead a day girl myself. Most of my beads take 45 min - 1 episode of Buffy. :) Works just right for me.

angelinabeadalina said...

Well, guys, the hubby is in for the night, the kids are finally past that squirming and wiggling falling asleep stage and into the deep sleep, the kiln is ramping up, and my contacts are in. . .I'm off to try to torch just one thing :) Tash, keep your fingers crossed that it works for me too, 'kay? Ellen, if it doesn't, then I'll be posting pictures and blog gibberish from a nice little padded box by the end of summer because even a glass addict has to have her fix occasionally, LOL!