Sunday, June 22, 2008

Let It Shine... Let Your Soul Shine

Let your soul shine, and we will light the world together.

Oh, I have so many things to say, so many people to mention, so many rambling thoughts that would like to be corralled. . . and yet, my brain is tired. That is a funny feeling for me, to be sure. My mother has said that I started talking at 7 months (or 11 months? can't remember now) and haven't shut up since. I am not offended by that. . .I know it's the truth. So, I am fairly surprised to find myself trying to write this morning and having my brain screech, "Hey, enough is enough. Let me rest and catch my breath for a few minutes." I don't even feel like writing the requisite "stop snickering at that, Bubby." (But of course, I will.)

You know the wheels are turning in the background, though. I'm trying to write a brief little essay about how I started making goddess beads. So here's what I wrote this morning, just to tell Suz that I'm working on this ( I think I might clean up my language just a bit in places, so you'll not get the exact copy, but you'll get the idea):

Hey, Suz, I have so much to say about the goddesses, sculpting, etc., and I want to try to make sure I don't leave anyone out. . .Freddy (she used to hang out here but I think she probably hangs out more at The Melting Pot; dunno, but she uses the same name almost everywhere) did piss me off, but Amber (*Naos*) always encouraged me in the S&T's (she does that for everyone, and it makes a difference). Teresa gave me advice and encouragement! We don't talk all the time, but almost every conversation I've had with her has made me wish I could be her next door neighbor and has ended up guiding me in subtle ways for a long time. For instance, if you ever look through my gallery pics on BeadArtists, you'll see I love stringer work almost as much as sculpting. But when I mix the two, I tend to get too involved in adding details and the elegance of the form suffers. Teresa and I once talked about "less is more". I can't remember all the details of what was said because it seems so long ago. What I do know is that every time I just let the glass flow and try to capture that "less is more" simple elegance, I think of her encouraging me to remember that. Every time I look at a finished piece that has captured that, I mentally thank Teresa. Also, Teresa and Sheila Morley and I all seem to like the same kinds of themes. Sheila and I have talked about it a lot...I think at first we were kind of taken aback, but we started talking in the early fall of 2006 and soon discovered we have a lot of similarities that end up getting translated into our glass. I describe it this way-- we travel the same creative highway, but we tend to choose different exits to explore. Teresa has never grouched at or scolded me for pursuing goddesses or masks. . .you can bet there are some people who would grouch. When my brother told me to "put some clothes on them naked women," I did. I put dresses on Cleopatra torsos, I made rather sexy women with transparent gowns. I also told Teresa about the "put some clothes on them" comments and snickers from my DH and his friends. She basically said the body is beautiful and don't cover them up if you don't want to. I'm telling you all this partly because I thought you'd like to know since you are family (are you her aunt? or do I have that mixed up? sorry). It makes such a long story though, because that's just the beginnings and look how long this message is already, LOL. I want to really write it out in a nice way, include as much of the evolution as possible, but I don't want to completely bore anyone or look like I think you gave an invitation for me to write a whole darn book! So, this morning the DH actually wants me to help him put together a little metal shed he started yesterday. He never thinks I could help, even though I know more than he realizes Anyway, I will be incubating my little essay in the back of my mind. I don't know about you, but my brain is really is tired after all this week's discussions. Funny, my mom says I started talking at about 7 months and haven't shut up since, I believe her, and this is one of the few times in my life when my brain actually feels fatigued. Not fed up or ready to move on to something else, but plain old fatigued. Hope your school work is all wrapped up by now! Hope you get to spend the day doing something fun! Ang

P.S. Freddy never really talked to me online. One day after I showed this headless figure of a girl sitting on a rock, she pm'd me with some advice about sculpture. I took it less than kindly when she suggested I go to museums or parks and sit and sketch the sculptures so I could get a good feel for the way the body looks. Now that I think about it, she might have been tweaking me, but she was also helping. Anyway, she pissed me off, and I decided I'd just show her. I'd been avoiding putting heads on those figures, but after her comments I really dove into making heads and faces so I could eventually put them on figures. If she hadn't made me so damn mad (whether she meant to or not), I might never have gotten the courage to actually try the heads.

Well, geez, you thought you weren't gonna have much to read this morning, didn't ya?
Hope your Sunday is a good one!


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