Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Torch Is Downstairs Crying for Me. . .

My torch is downstairs crying for me. . . and I'm upstairs busy being the Mom. I think the torch will still be there, but the kiddos won't always have time to spend with the Mom, huh? The kids and I just came from a summer drawing class for older kids, and I am once again reminded of how much I love art and love creating. I also love watching James and Kate learn about art, so this morning's class was fun for me, too.

James, Kate, and their friend Jacob were learning to use color pencils in drawings. The two day class is part of KICK, a summer program organized by Kaskaskia College. Thanks so much to Ms. Renee for letting the younger trio experience this class. They were toasting "Art" with coffee cups and Sprite at lunch. They may have fidgeted, but they were indeed listening...and they were all three talking about what they want to draw to show the teacher on Thursday!

This makes me so happy, this enthusiasm they have for learning about art. Oh, just like the older kids in the class, they were scrunching their noses up at making a color wheel and learning the names of different kinds of shading. In the end, though, Jacob was coloring a picture and blending blues and purples for the sky. Kate was carefully shading in a heart frame she wanted to draw. James was using different horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines to make a web for the Spiderman character he drew. Did they realize how much they were learning? Maybe, maybe not. What they did realize was that it is fun to share an experience like this. Next time they have art class in school, I'm willing to bet they will be telling their friends about hatching and crosshatching and explaining a few things about the color wheel.

Each step leads to another and another, and I want them to have a long and satisfying journey in the pursuit of art :)

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ellen said...

What a wonderful learning experience those kids had. It'll be interesting to see how they use the lessons in the future.

angelinabeadalina said...

I'm interested to see, too, Ellen. The teacher was wonderful about including the young trio. She's going to bring some stuff especially for them to tomorrow's class...that's someone who loves to teach, going the extra mile to help all the students. Just a two day class, but so worth it :)