Saturday, June 7, 2008

Party in the Pit Time :)

Big party in the foam pit at the local dance/gym studio for the kiddos this weekend. . .it's gonna be fun!

James, Kate, and I just filled treat bags to pass out to the other kids. Boy, I can't imagine all the expense all those over-the-top party parents go to for birthdays. We're doing something fun, but the price for renting Studio 50 is pretty reasonable for an hour and a half of fun romping around on trampolines and diving into the foam pit. Heehee, I guess I was going to start talking about how cheap I feel for not putting more/cooler goodies in the goody bags. Bubbles, snack crackers, water balloons, and kiddie candy. . . maybe that will be okay with the kiddos :)

Anyway, we invited both James' classmates and Katie's classmates for a combination birthday party since James' birthday is always after school is out for the summer. These kids are all so sweet, and they have so much fun together. It should be a wonderful time!


ellen said...

I went to a birthday party today too. No pit diving, though. I sat around a pond and ate hot dogs and carrot cake.
The b-day boy is our "pretend" grandson, Niko, who turned 2 today.
Many happy returns to the birthday kids.

angelinabeadalina said...

Happy Birthday, Niko :) Sounds like a nice hanging out with friends kind of day for the party!