Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Real Question Is, "Why Am I Wearing Corduroys in the Middle of Summer??"

So, the question of the day struck me as I was trying to take some quick snapshots of yesterday's boro tubing experiments. No, the question for today is not whether I think anyone will even notice that I used stringer to write WCAG along the top of this wonky little goblet. The question isn't why I can't remember to just make a maria (flattened disc of hot glass) to use for the bottom of these little wonky vases and goblets instead of trying to layer the boro like I do soft glass. Oh, and that doesn't even beg the question, "Why don't you just make a separate base and then attach it like you're supposed to do, Ang??" I think we can all guess the answer to that one-- because it's too much to learn to coordinate all at once when you're a clutz like me!

Seriously, the real question that occurred to me is, "Why am I wearing these brown corduroy pants in the middle of summer?" Well, I hardly ever wear shorts, so it's always capris or jeans for me, anyway. I wore this comfy pair of brown corduroy Dockers from the clearance rack practically every other day this past winter. You got it-- they are as soft and comfy as any old pair of jeans, plus they're worn so thin that they can't possibly be any hotter than a pair of jeans!

What also occurred to me is that I associate wearing corduroys year 'round with a certain kind of personality, one that I don't dislike, but one that really doesn't match mine in very many ways. I had a professor in college who wore corduroys all the time. Let's just call him HippieRat. He was very smart. We all liked his classes. I think we were all just a little bit awed by him in a strange way, too. At the time, most of us being good kids who grew up in Kentucky, he was something different that we might not have encountered before then in our young lives. He was obviously a hippie who had gotten his Ph.D. despite a little flashback problem that I think even he joked about. (Looking back, I don't see anything too strange about that, of course. )

Here I sit, some 20 years later (hey, I graduated college 20-freaking-count-them years ago!), dressed like the HippieRat, except I don't have a Ph.D. certificate on the wall and I sure don't have flashbacks of the sort he had. . . but am I really that much different? I kinda don't think so. I think if I had been one of the college kids who joined in the psych department parties, I would've found out that HippieRat was probably a very laidback guy who loved his work and was just happy to have what he needed in life...everything else was just a bonus. I think I'm growing into that person, slowly but surely. I think I like it.

Yeah, I think I like it. I have my family. I have two beautiful, goofy, smart, loving children. I have a once upon a time laidback hubby who's become a corporately driven CPA... bless his heart, I do get to stay home with the kids and I do get to play glass. I have a roof over my head and (obviously) plenty to eat. I love it all, even in the midst of the little daily frustrations that come and go. I have a stack of library books about sculpture on my desk. I can just play with a different kind of glass if I choose (when I get a chance to torch), and I can just learn and think and enjoy it all.

So, here's to the HippieRat in all his perceived weirdness. Thanks for not conforming :)

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