Thursday, June 12, 2008

Second Dragon...Hey, That Sounds Like a Mystical Kung Fu Designation

Second Dragon.
You are not the Dragon Warrior. Yet, you may someday be.

Heehee, sorry, too much Kung Fu Panda talk around this house. Oriental art, even Disney-fied Pixar versions, just makes my muse rub her hands together and squeal with glee. You know what that means for the glass, right? That means Ang will be stuck on chasing those elusive off mandrel dragons. Since I was so excited about the first one, going to see the movie later that day just intensified the fascination.

Oh, and I included more pics of this Second (Imperfect) Dragon for you, even though I'm not sure how much you can see. Clear glass is so mesmerizing in person, but it sure isn't happy with the way I take its picture!

Yep, I called it the Second Imperfect Dragon. Wanna know what I messed up this time? I stuck his fat head back in the flame too quickly and caused a massive crack in his left jaw. Clear glass is so confusing when you're looking at it in the flame. I kept melting that crack, and I thought I couldn't see it any more. Eh-eh, still there and even bigger when I took this baby out of the kiln. Drat.

Kilns. That's another story. I have an Aim 84BD kiln which is a wonderful firebrick kiln but has a teeny tiny bead door which wouldn't let my dragon come inside no matter how I twisted and maneuvered it. I got so involved in that, I forgot to fire polish the spot where I broke off the punty. Anyway, I ended up putting on gloves and lifting the top of the kiln aside to gingerly lower the dragon to the bottom of his sauna.

P.S. I really gotta say another "Thank You" to you guys. . . It's a real boost to know someone is listening to my glass blabbering. I always miss someone when I try to list people, so please forgive me if you're the one I forget this time (and I'll be smacking my forehead on the way into town later when I remember who I left out this time!). Ellen, Mari, Lea, Jeannette, Carol,Mike, Sheila, P~, Jenny, Teresa, Aunt Carol, Soupie, Bubby, Ginger, Melissa, all of ya, I hope today is one of those days you drop by here because I hope you see this and know how much I appreciate ya!


Sheila said...

YAY! New, beautiful art! LOVE it! And! In clear! This one is going to be great in that red/blue glass you use...such a great time I have reading your blog.

Profusion said...

You should etch that :) It would be beautiful, a snow dragon! I have practically given up on photographing my little transparent ladies and am contemplating etching the lot just to be able to see them properly.
I visit you daily these days, in fact a few times a day since we are in different timezones and I don't really know when you are up :)

Tasha said...

Oh, and what a happy little muse she is! She's jumping around singing "off to see the wizard"! :)

ellen said...

I'm loving watching this whole process take place.
I've never worked off mandrel and probably never will. I was curious why you were only working in clear but now I'm guessing it's to practice the technique - right? Then you'll move to color like Sheila mentioned above? That will be a fun-filled day for sure!

angelinabeadalina said...

Yep, the clear is partly because of practicing. Before I got everything set up when I first started torching, I thought I was going to just do boro and just do off mandrel *snort* I'm pretty sure Tasha is the wise woman who tipped my mom off on how to order a few sample packs of Moretti for my Christmas present. So, I have this barely touched box of different sizes of clear boro rods and a few tubes, plus a Glass Alchemy sample pack and about a dozen rods of pretty-pretty Momka's colors. I'll definitely get to them, but best to start with the clear. And, if it weren't for that trying to figure out the picture taking (I soooooo understand that one, P~), I'd probably be happy to stick with that beautiful crystal clear. It is gorgeous in person.

You guys make me feel good! If I couldn't "talk" about glass and the happy dancing muse, I might burst :) Heck, Tasha has known my motormouth propensity her entire life!

Speaking of talking a bunch, I think I feel a double entry coming on for today. Be back soon :)