Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Self Imposed Isolation? Just Might Do It for a While...

Oh, no, don't get your hopes up. **wink**grin**virtual hugs to all who read here** I won't give up blabbering in my blog, and as soon as I actually get to torch, I'll be putting more pics in my BeadArtists.org gallery pages and listing those items in my Etsy shop.

No, can't give up those things that are a creative release for me, that's just the way I'm selfish. See this wonderful sculpture we saw at The Magic House? Don't you love the way the empty space was made so a real live child could grasp the hands of the frozen-in-motion ones? Did you notice the way it completes the ring of shadows? I know there are a bunch of metaphors in this picture. Most of them have to do with the connections between humans across all times. I just might have to rehash this photo another day and talk about them, too, but for right now I just feel like the idea of connection and the joy and the satisfaction it brings is the point.

Yes, connection with others who are doing the same thing you are doing and feeling the same joy from it, now that is a good thing! I've gotten that feeling from an online lampworkers' community for almost as long as I've been melting glass. So many individuals who are kind and helpful and funny and just plain fun! So many people I respect and love.

So, what's the problem? Why would I be considering a self imposed isolation from that connection to fellow glass peeps? Well, part of it is that I can write some wise things about tolerance, but I can't always follow through with tolerance of my own. I am too caught up in shaking my head over the intolerance of others to truly be tolerant myself. It's taken me a long time in life to really start believing in the importance of "live, and let live."

There are a few things that still challenge me, though. Funny, the things that present the most challenge get echoed in my responses to them. Reacting with a sigh of disbelief at the pettiness of others just shows my own petty inability to tolerate someone else's opinion. Shaking my head at negativity...well, can you see the irony there? In the end, being disheartened by the fact that so many people I like and respect have a much different opinion than mine about the copying issue is less than tolerant of their opinions. So, let's see, I'm whining about others being intolerant and negative and petty, which makes me intolerant and negative and petty when I think about it.

Best to take a break until I can let it go. I will be missing my connection with the world of glass, but maybe this way I can avoid the personal struggle to just break down and say some things that are truths to me but would essentially be shit-stirring to people who disagree with my point of view. Dang, that wouldn't be any fun, either. So, send me some "live and let live gracefully" vibes, send me emails, send me links to your blogs in case I can't find them since my list of bookmarks is in horrible disarray, send me updates about what you are doing, send me nasty letters for being so selfish as to draw myself away and expect you to come find me once in a while. . . Peace, Ang


ellen said...

Do what you have to do, Ange, so that you have peace in your heart.
I sure hope you don't stop blogging though, I would miss you terribly but I also want you to be happy.
You can pm me anytime through WC or LE.

angelinabeadalina said...

Oh, I can't stop blabbering, uh, blogging :) I just gotta stop thinking about the current copying stuff. If I see it, I'll read parts of it. If I read parts of it, I'll just get aggravated all over again. I couldn't stand to leave LE for very long, I just want to stay away for a bit until the stuff that bothers me goes away for this cycle (we all know it'll come up again and again). I love that place, though. It's my online hangout of choice almost all of the time.