Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Super Power Strawberry Punch :)

Katie's first science experiment for the summer involved making a concoction that has now become my new favorite summertime thirstquencher. Kate wanted to see if adding orange juice to the cherry lemonade I made would give her super powers when she drank it.

And the results, please. . . Kate took a sip, ran out the door, raced across the gravel drive, swung a hard left around the maple tree, spun out, jumped up, dusted herself off, and declared, "It worked, Mom! Look, I ran so fast I tripped!"

The rest of us took drinks of it, too. James decided it did give him a superpower boost. We grownups discovered it doesn't give superpowers to grownups but does taste very good! Yesterday, I plunked a few strawberries in my cup, and that was even yummier.

Here's your recipe for Super Power Strawberry Punch:

1/2 Sugar free cherry drink mix
1/2 Sugar free lemonade drink mix
Add orange juice to taste (I did about 1 pint to 3 pints cherry lemonade)
Throw in a few luscious ripe strawberries

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ellen said...

Please ask the "mad scientist" to work on a drink that will ease aching joints and I'm in!