Sunday, June 29, 2008

Too Much Fun!

How could a kid not love this backyard? Granddaddy is building a playhouse with real doors and windows for the munchkins. Check out the way the roof hangs out in front-- that's because there's going to be a humongous porch. Heck, *I* want to claim that playhouse!

Actually, I have to hope we're visiting when it comes time to paint, because I am itching to do some two dimensional decorating. Don't know what yet. Can't draw worth a hoot. Still, I wanna add something to it. . .

Did I ever tell you about the year when I painted the picnic table for my contribution to the July 3rd picnic and fireworks? I painted the table and benches red, white, and blue. Wish I had a picture to show you. I can't remember all the details, but I distinctly remember the finishing touch to the waving colors-- I wrote the words to the Star Spangled Banner on the table top. Yes, it really was cool :)

Well, this is going to be one of those busy weeks, so I better tell ya "Good Night, Sleep Tight, Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite". Oh, and Happy Monday (I'm posting a little early).


Deb said...

WoW - what a fabulous Granddaddy! So talented - & what fortunate munchkins ;o) For the record - I think every play house needs a picnic table outside - preferably a red white & blue one ;o)

ellen said...

OMG!!! A playhouse!!! How much is THIS going to be?
Anxious to see the end result.

angelinabeadalina said...

Oh, I will definitely have to take pics when it is done! Pop's been working on it off and on all spring. There's always something else he has to get done, so it's been a little by little project. My mom is convinced he's getting more and more detailed as the days go by-- she says Pop is even planning on wiring it for electricity.

ellen said...

I meant to say "how much FUN is this going to be" - I wasn't asking how much $$$ this was going to be.
Dang it - I hate when I don't proof read before submitting.

angelinabeadalina said...

Heehee, that's okay :) I think if my dad didn't drag home so much unwanted salvage stuff from all his construction jobs, this family would not have half as much stuff :) Do you know he even had an exhaust hood for my worktable? and my worktable counter is stainless steel all the way...gotta love the leftovers!

Oh, and what I started to say was I think my mom is wondering how much $$ he's going to end up putting in it...she's convinced he's going to put an air conditioner in the window, too!

P.S. I'm using my brother's air card for internet access, so I have to squeeze it in before he gets ready to go to sleep. I've got your WC thread up in a different window...I loved reading it so far, and I've been thinking all day about what I wanna add :)