Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Attack of the Devilishly Cute, Freckle-Faced, RubberBand Slinging Short Woman...

This is my daughter. She is on the attack. Her weapon of choice lately? Rubber bands. I caught her peering over the edge of the couch in my direction this morning, rubber band at the ready. Next thing I knew, rubber bands were zinging towards me and the kitchen table.

Little brat is a darn good shot, too, LOL!

Of course, she gets an extra laugh out of me with her taunts. See, she knows that I have never, ever, in my 42 years been able to zing a rubber band at another person without zapping my own thumb instead! I have accepted this shortcoming. I really have. . . well, okay, maybe, just maybe, I feel just a weeeeeeeeee twinge of envy when I see someone else do the rubber band snap without hitting themselves :)

Spitballs, paper wads, all those other little grade school delicacies never really excited me. However, a good rubber band war or water fight can not be beaten, in my humble opinion. Of course, squirt gun wars had to be confined to home. Taking a squirt gun to school was tantamount to risking your entire armory to teacher confiscation. Believe me, if you had a squirt gun, you sure didn't want to donate it to the teacher so her kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews could use it all summer. Ah, but a rubber band was the perfect expendable weapon!

No, of course, I'm not going to tell my kids how to get away with rubber band wars or tossing paper wads or any of those other fairly innocent grade school hi-jinks. I am fairly certain the blue-eyed munchkins won't need any help in the how-to-earn-a-trip-to-the-principal's-office department!


rosebud101 said...

How fun they are at that age, and soon, very soon, school will begin again. You will miss them, their rubber bands, spit balls. You will!

ellen said...

I never mastered the rubber band thing either but I'll tell you what I did learn early on - whistling. I can whistle like a big boy - through my teeth - no finger help, either. It's a shrill whistle and I'm darned proud of it. People still ask me to use it to quiet crowds. Just did it Saturday night at a wedding party. It's funny because people are so shocked when they track the whistle; it's the white haired lady!!!

angelinabeadalina said...

No kidding about missing them when they get back to school, Mallory! I get to work much more when they are in school, but the house sure is awfully quiet during the day.

Ellen, I can just picture the wedding guests searching the crowd for the source of that ear-splitting whistle, LOL!