Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dr. Garrenschtein's Gruesome Glass Goof-Ups GraveYard...or What Do You Do With Your Glass GiveUps?

Bwa-Ha-Haaaaaaaaaa. Do come in. Welcome to Doc-teur Garrenschtein's glass lab. Oh, no, no, don't sit right...there. Oops.

Wait, do stay. I have something to show you, and I have a question to ask you.

Look. These are some of my glass "mistakes." Busted, cracked, stuck on mandrels, interrupted and never finished, those sorts of things. Alas, I can shut the door to that cabinet, but I can still hear them crying out to me, "Please, Doc-teur Garrenschtein, please, make us useful pieces of glass!"

Oh, the agony! What shall I ever do for them? Oh, no, no, that won't work. Sorry. We don't use a coffee table in the living room. Excellent idea, though, those shadow box tables filled with interesting bits and pieces of glass. That's what I always think of when I start to throw away these mistakes.

And now! The boro mishtakes! Logically, now that I've been working off mandrel, it would be a simple task to rescue these bits and pieces of broken glass. I should be able to reheat the broken off nether regions of that dragon and add a different tail, right? Right. That's why I can't just throw him away, even though I'm pretty sure I need to work on the design-- or else, why did I keep having troubles with him as I torched? Oh, and the torsos-- I should be able to hold them gently by the tootsies and slowly warm their broken bellies until I can add glass and finish them. I can do that, I know because I have tried it. It's just, well, the whole flow of the piece got interrupted, and I'm not sure it would be worth the end result to spend time adding to them.

*sigh* So, what do you do with your mistakes? I don't keep a jar of water for dunking, so I've never attempted to just make frit. Who knows what I'll end up doing with all these pieces? I do know this much. I just can't bear to actually bury them in the trash can, so it's a cinch that Dr. Garrenschtein's Gruesome Glass Goof-Ups Graveyard will be on my table and in my cabinet for a long time :)


Tasha said...

Ang, Good question...let me know if you figure out the answer. You saw my pile of beadlike creatures that were too wonky to make it to the kiln. Sadly, I can't bear to get rid of them. So there they sit....wondering why they were rejected. :)

Have a great day!

angelinabeadalina said...

Hey, Tash, I'm just convinced we're gonna find something to do with them, ya know?

It's a gorgeous day here, hope it's a good one over there, too :)

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

What you ladies need is a fish bowl, the fish will love ... well ok.. the truth.. they'll poop on the glass in the bottom on their bowl... but it makes their bowl so pretty... be advised bead release is toxic to some fish... so you gotta clean the wonky ones before the go to the fish bowl...

rosebud101 said...

I have a fish bowl, Angelina, without fish. Captain Elaine, my fish bowl doesn't even have water in it. It's just getting more full of wonky, distorted and simply ugly beads. I was thinking of a funeral for them in the back yard, then, maybe, in a hundred million years some future archeologist will look at them and marvel at how primitive they were and wonder what kind of culture could have made these, uhum, primitive beads. Well, before that happens, my dog would probably dig them up. Just a dream. I'd rather have your rejects, Ang, than mine.

angelinabeadalina said...

You know, I'm pretty sure Tasha used to have an aquarium in her living room and that some orphan beadie babies ended up in there. I was busy looking at the fish last time, and I don't remember if she still had beads in the bottom, Elaine.

Hey, Mallory, funny you should mention a backyard funeral so some future archaeologist can dig them up! Sue H-K left a message in the "I Think" thread on LE-- she buries some of hers so her sons can find buried treasure in the yard! Isn't that cool?

ellen said...

I have a "fugly" bowl that gets emptied periodically. I drop off bags at the women's shelter for the kids to play with.
I've also taken bags to the Gilda's Group that meets weekly here in town.

Sheila said...

garden art, kids love them!
window sill art,
I like the fish bowl idea.
You could send them to me! ;)
I saw a really cool lazy susan on a kitchen table with wonky beads in grout. it was functional, and fun to look at.
good post,
(cyber sister)