Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Finally Got One Project Finished! And Another to Go!!

The flower bed and sittin' spot are done. Just gotta wait for the rose moss (portulaca), the mondo grass, and the hens 'n chicks to grow and spread all over the place :)

A new (well, okay old) egg basket filled with hens 'n chicks.

A beautiful calendula, a wire tricycle doodad, and a seat made out of concrete blocks and an old enamel baking pan that Mother hadn't missed.

Two giant mounds of hostas in each corner, courtesy of my mother! Yeah, Ma! Can't go to the nursery and just buy a great big mound of already spreading and full hostas (well, maybe if you want to spend tons of $$$, you might).

And, last but not least, a quick and fuzzy snapshot of yet another "one of Angie's cool and totally out there projects that turns into a whole lotta work." This is the galvanized metal door to the old shop. . . Never, I repeat, never, let yourself talk yourself into painting anything on the ridges of tin siding. Stupid idea, trying to freehand paint lines because masking tape pulls fresh white paint off the tin. Silly idea, thinking you can finish a whole quilt pattern in red, white, and blue in time for tomorrow evening's picnic and fireworks. . .

Talk to ya later! Gotta get some sleep, gotta get up early in the a.m. and start painting!


Deb said...

Oh well done - the garden is going to look great when things start filling up spaces. Love the Hostas BTW! I'm so pleased that I'm not the only one that starts projects that turn out to be far more time consuming that initially thought ;o)

Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

The garden is looking fantastic. Hope the door works out for the picnic. Make sure you take loads of pics for us. We don't have anything like that here. :))


ellen said...

Your "sittin'" spot is wonderful. Once it fills in it will be a very pleasant place.
Ok, apparently your internal "checking" gene is broken. I can understand looking at that door and getting an image in my head but . . . then to go ahead and think painting it, BY HAND, would be a good idea?
Well, maybe it's more of my having a "lazy" gene as opposed to you lacking a "checking" gene. hmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie this is Norm and Rachel, well Rachel really! ha ha love your glas work I'm so jealous! I've always wanted to get into that myself! visit our website at and our email is

Anonymous said...

Hey, Rachel :) Glad you guys came over for the picnic and fireworks! Norm will be able to help you set things up if you decide to try this. It's not the same as welding, but him knowing about that will help with little things like hooking up the right hoses, where to get your oxygen, etc. We might stay until Sunday morning, so call over here if you want to talk glass :) Ang