Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Guess I Gotta Get Over Myself, Huh??

Now, see, while I was sipping my coffee syrup (espresso, black with enough sugar to trap all those delicious caffeine molecules in a syrupy sludge), a number of serious thoughts came to me. Deb, I must tell you that I agree about the Dance of Humanity's shape and the way Maya Angelou's poem is a perfect example of how we should look at ourselves as we carry around the shapes we have. . . **sigh** but that's as far as that train of thought went down the track before my daughter woke up.

So, if you ever visit here, or if you know us in real life, you probably know without a doubt that Kate loves to make faces, goofy faces. The child inherited her father's class clown gene, as well as his inherit ability to pester the crap out of you until you stop what you were doing and let loose with the belly laugh that's been building up.

Instead of writing that essay about the way we should look at ourselves, I had to get over serious self already and laugh! Had to grab the camera and have a mini goofy face photo shoot with the children. Now, that's even better than that shot of caffeine syrup! (Well, okay, I'll tell you the truth, as much as I love my children, I ain't about to give up the coffee and only mainline laughter. . . some mornings it just wouldn't be enough.)

There ya go, now ya know my original plan for the morning has gone terribly astray :) I'd be willing to be that the seriously sultry swamp siren from the Okefenokee Swamp that I was imagining sculpting in boro today could easily turn into a fairly funny face Marie Laveau gone goofy! Oh, heck, now I'm in the mood to listen to Bobby Bare sing his song about Handsome Jack's encounter with Marie Laveau. . .

Here's to a goofy Tuesday for everyone!


Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

That is such a 'goofy' face. Love it!!

Hope you have a fun, fun Tuesday. Mine is coming to a close. Late afternoon. LOL But it's been an adventure.

Chat soon.

Deb said...

A gorgeous example of goofiness! When kids decide to act funny - get used to it, go with it & enjoy the laughs as they have a long way to go yet before growing out of that.
Some of them still act goofy when they are 23 & 30...some days this is a good thing, it reminds you that you are not so old after all .....until you remember how old they are. LOL!

ellen said...

I just love a good goofy face.