Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Michelle's Maniacal Macaroni MeltDown. . .Mmmm

MapleValleyGlass Michelle, this meal is for you! For those of you who might have missed the "A Few Words from Michelle " adventure in the Bathroom section of Lampwork Etc. yesterday, let me explain why I am having macaroni and cheese for lunch and thinking about Michelle whilst I eat it.

One of the tidbits of information Michelle shared was this-- extra virgin olive oil is not a good replacement for butter or margarine in macaroni and cheese, no matter how healthy it might seem. Now, if my mother reads this, she is just going to guffaw at the whole idea because she still fries every food imaginable and might consider adding a little olive oil to the butter in a dish, but would never see the point of taking butter or grease out of a dish. To each their own, I say, and must note that the woman is still darn healthy so why not?

On the other hand (or maybe that should be on the other artery?), those of us from a different generation tend to be plagued with the desire to make healthier food choices while still enjoying all the good food we grew up eating. You know, I am not trying to put words into Michelle's mouth here, so this part is just from my own personal experience. . . if I'm gonna eat macaroni and cheese, then why not make it a healthier version with less bad fat? Here be the irony Michelle was pointing out with her disclosure about the olive oil fiasco-- we know the macaroni and cheese isn't the ultimate healthy choice, we know that a real nutrition freak might not ever touch the stuff because of the refined flour in the pasta and the whole fat dairy origins of the cheese. We know these things, but we just can't let go of a good bowl of mac & cheese. So, what do we do? We try make the mac & cheese fit into a healthy world. And, that, my friends, is how a sane woman could come to try extra virgin olive oil in the place of butter/margarine in a bowl of macaroni and cheese!

Let me tell ya, eating healthy does taste better, if you can just bring yourself to do it. James and I just polished off a batch of roasted asparagus and red bell pepper at lunch. I added my pepper to onions and bacon on toasted white bread, with some mac and cheese on the side. The cheese was a slice of American, melted into the hot pasta without olive oil or butter or margarine. Hey, it works for us, so Kate and I can have our macaroni. The white bread? Well, I got tired of always buying whole wheat bread and white bread. Before you know it, the kids had decided that Daddy's white bread is decidedly better tasting that Mommy's whole wheat stuff. The bacon? You can take the girl out of the country kitchen, but you can't purge the entire country kitchen from the girl, sorry. The onion and asparagus and red pepper? Mmmm-mm-GOOD and good for us. Seems like everything really is a matter of finding balance, isn't it?

So, Meesh, thanks for the maniacal macaroni meltdown yesterday!


rosebud101 said...

I love the way you eat healthily. Never could get that to happen when my kids were home. However, dd is a vegetarian. DS is a fast food junkie. Me, I love a good, old fashioned steak barely cooked on the grill. I love to eat healthy foods too!

angelinabeadalina said...

Oh, healthy almost never wins out these days. We love our junk, too, so I just hope the days we do some healthy help balance the other days, LOL!

Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

Okay......I'm sticking with mac and cheese the old artery clogging way. Much more yummyish!! LOL When it comes to summer - then I can really do healthy as I love salads and cold meats!! Winters are most certainly comfort foods for me.

I answered all of James questions, they're in the comment section of my blog. Wouldn't it be cool if Brad and James became penpals.

Getting late here...chat soon.


ellen said...

My husband's a white bread dude too. But today - I say today, we started the dreaded FOOD LOG! Yes, my friend, as much as I hate writing stuff down, I'm going to do it. DH really needs the support and it certainly won't hurt me.
I've emailed a bunch of friends and family members and I'm hoping to do this with a group. Maybe being accountable via email once a week. I found a decent site from "Good Morning America" today with a calorie figure-outer so. . . .
We'll see how this goes.
Your sammy looked good. Yum!

angelinabeadalina said...

Hey, Mich, I'll read it to James. He's going to be thrilled. Yep, it would be cool for them to be pen pals!

Way to go, Ellen! You're going to do great!