Saturday, July 26, 2008

One Foot in Front of the Other...Oh, Bother, Piglet!

Feet, foot, one in front of the other. . .oh, bother. Pondering what to write today just makes me feel as if my writing muse is channeling Pooh Bear! Been up since early this morning, battling glass, running into town for milk and bread, doing laundry, and frying cheeseburgers. Not much time for writing until now.

Ah, the glass battle ended in a truce. I shall try again later, if I get other stuff done. Torch times that feel like battles are the Glass Gods' way of telling you to quit trying to rule the glass and just let it flow the way it desires. I had worked my way up to having very few of those particular battles with soft glass. I was approaching a sort trance like nirvana where the molten glass flows and you only need to turn it and gently help it into the shape it desires. Hard glass? Well, it's still a learning experience, and there is always another battle looming on the field of inexperience! The footprint paperweight you see in the pictures is my current reassurance that the number of battles will eventually diminish!

See all the ripples in the footprint? That's where I kept melting the thick rod of glass in the middle, pushing the ends together to make what's called a "maria." Usually, you make a maria in a circular shape, but this one started falling more to one side as I added more glass. Before long, I could see that it would make a great footprint shape. . . and my sister, the one who just happens to collect Footprints in the Sand things, the one who is getting ready to celebrate her 40th birthday next week, that sister, she obviously needed a really cool footprint paperweight.

Did you notice what was happening there? That last paragraph? The glass was leading the way, and my thoughts were following it as I made that paperweight. That is why that is a good piece of glass. I didn't try to make it do something it really didn't want to do. Ha! You thought artists were the sensitive, temperamental part of the equation, didn't you? Nope, the glass can be even more temperamental and egotistical. The artist who remembers that and lets their own ego go for a few moments while in front of the flame will be rewarded. The reward may seem to be only an apparition, as fleeting as it may be, but it will convince you of its existence and it will draw you back to the flame to seek it again :)


ellen said...

I am bowing in your direction. Where are ya, again?

Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

Good morning.
I remember that foot - remember thinking WOW!! Sorry I didn't comment on LE - sort of not my sand box. LOL But know when I see your work. Words like cool, WOW, she's done it again. All come to mind. :))

You got to love glass - especially if you try and be boss. I love how it 'smacks you silly' and puts us right, reminding us once again just who is boss. I love going with the flow - I've often told Ant I'm making this or that and he comes in and it is something totally different. I tell him the glass had other ideas and I just went with it. LOL. He thinks I'm crazy. LOL

It's a great morning. My baby is 8 today. Busy cooking up a storm and cleaning house.


Deb said...

Ang foot in front of the other is infinitely better than putting ones foot in their mouth - ask me how I know ;o)

Of course at the end of one of 'those' torch days - I just mutter "No Matter" in my best Eeyore voice.

rosebud101 said...

Ang, you are so right. Things happen with glass when you just let the glass flow. Wow! BTW, I wish I were your sister!