Friday, July 4, 2008

Picnic. Rain. Friends & Family. Rain. Fireworks. Rain.

Ta-da! The quilt painted on the shop door is 9/10's of the way done. Soupie (aka my sister Susie) and I worked on it most of the afternoon, and this is what it looks like now. Those red squares within squares are a quilt block pattern called "The Carpenter's Square," which I thought would be a nice touch for Pop and all the rest of the hammer swinging Greer boys. The center field is based on a quilt pattern called "Grandmother's Flower Garden," which just fits my mother and her green thumb to a T. The funny thing is that Grandmother's Flower Garden also happens to be a pattern that Aunt Ella Mae used to make a long time ago when we were kids.

Soupie and I worked down to the last minute before friends and family started coming in the driveway. Bless Soupie's heart, she gets dragged along into my ideas and ends up doing the not so fun work. I did finished freehanding the red Carpenter's Square blocks while she did the clean-up work of putting on a second coat of navy blue paint on the borders and blue blocks. She hunted up a big hex nut to use as a template for the flowers, and I got to trace them and start painting. She was still doing flowers while I was taking my shower and putting on clean clothes. You'd never know we are the sisters who once put masking tape down the middle of our bed and room, daring each other to cross over the tape and start another battle in our sibling war ;)

This is the wagon full of fireworks that Bubby (aka my brother William) spent the early evening wiring together. The show was spectacular later last night, despite the rain. I'm trying to upload a short video of some of it, so look for that at the bottom of this post. It's not as detailed as I'd like, but hey, you can get an idea of what it was like.

These are our cousins. I was instructed to include their picture, along with the caption

"The Drownded Rats"

Doris Jean and Junie sat under the maple tree by the swing most of the evening, despite the rain. In true Doris Jean fashion, it was a grand adventure. She's been smiling like that since she was a baby-- ain't nothin' gonna keep her from havin' fun!

The downpour made everyone scramble to help carry the tables and food into the garage. Luckily, Grandma was prepared and had already moved the cars out of the way just in case of rain.

Just a snapshot of the neighbors chatting. This is one of the best sites-- seeing people you've known almost your entire life, just hanging out and enjoying one another's company :)

Okey-dokey, looks like the video probably loaded. Time for me to get back outside with the kiddos before it starts raining again. We do have so much fun here at Grandma and Granddaddy's! There's so much room and so many things to do outside that we hate to come inside for very long :)

Hope you're having a wonderful day, too!


ellen said...

The door looks wonderful. I had no idea it was going to be that cool. Nice goin'.
Very cool fireworks. Sounds like you had a great time despite the rain.

angelinabeadalina said...

Hope you had a great 4th, too, Ellen :) We did have a terrific time.

leazinke said...

Hey Miss Angelinabeadygirl!!! Gosh, looking at your IL grassy corn field pictures makes me miss IL!!!! I'll be there (but flying in) Wednesday, 9th thru Wednesday, 16th!!! Daughter's wedding shower and slumber party with high school girlfriends!

Loved your fireworks pics, lovelovelove the quilty painting, hmmmm something else I was going to remember and can't.


P.S. Oh, now I remember the new playhouse is awesome -- granddaddy's one super guy!!!