Thursday, July 17, 2008

Socks, Crocs, Raspberry Chocs, and Grannies Rock

Socks: Courtesy of Grandma Vicky, the woman with colorful, coordinated style. Bless her heart, she probably didn't intend for me to wear them with sandals, though!

Crocs: Courtesy of my mother, the woman who cannot stand thong sandals but bought them for herself anyway, knowing she'd probably end up passing them along to her daughter :) Bless her heart, too, 'cause I'm really sure this whole picture will make her toes hurt and her eyes wince!

Raspberry Chocs: Courtesy of the coffee cup this morning, I have the aroma of raspberry chocolate enveloping me. Bless my heart, this coffee smelled soooo good in the grocery store but I knew I wouldn't like the actual taste!

Grannies Rock: Yes, they do! See the above. Oh, and see these pictures on LE of a witty, hilarious, "Professional Troublemaker" of a beadmaker with her barely day old grandson. Yep, look at that smile. . .another Granny rocks! Congratulations, Granny Annie :)


Deb said...

Ang - I'm speechless,.... in a good way, but speechless none the less lol!
Yep - thank goodness for Grannies!
Just when I thought I'd got past that unnaturaly bright pink & green theme......

Anonymous said...

Love the socks. I'm definitely going to be sporting some of those babies this winter.

rosebud101 said...

You really have a wonderful Mom and Grannie. Congratulations, Schermo! Angela, thanks for the link! With those socks and those crocks, you are all ready to swing your light saber!

Cindy Gimbrone said...


You're all ready for Color Week! Are you spinning the color wheels to get that sense of haute coture color?! It's getting creepy how your posts are resonating with me - have you seen my Birkenstocks with the multicolored socks? Cool when I lived in Tucson (ok, maybe not) but I definitely had to give them up when I moved back to New York. I tried but was laughed at by my sister in law. I still wear them in the house but am not allowed outside in them!

YAY for Grannies and Moms!


angelinabeadalina said...

Okay, I gotta admit that I never thought I'd be wearing socks with flipflops in the middle of summer (socks with other sandals, other times of the year? not a stretch for me!), but I can't stand the thoughts of a piece of hot glass landing right on top of my almost bare foot. AND, honest to goodness, those Croc thongs have the most cushiony sole. I can't stop wearing them! Sooooo, there ya go, the socks & Crocs!

*snort* Deb! Ya don't have to lie, I know the only thing I could add to that picture to make it worse is to maybe add Princess Leia braids on the sides of my head and grab a light saber like Mallory suggested, LOL!

Cindy, I say ya oughtta convert your SIL to the joys of socks and sandals so she won't be able to laugh if ya wear them out of the house :)

And guess what, guys? A long time ago, when I was in my 20's, I was dubbed "The Khaki Queen" by some coworkers because I hardly ever wore anything besides khaki, white, and black! Look out when I'm another 20 years older!

Deb said...

You know Ang - back in the early 70's I used to have this platform pair of flip flops (we call 'em jandels) - the soles were about 4" thick & striped every colour of the rainbow ....with a stripe of orange in between, the thong part itself was also multi colour stripes. I didn't need socks to add to the spectacular 'Joseph & his amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat' effect - psychedelic indeed - lol.
Now why is it I'm singing "Itchycoo Park" as I type - ROFL!

angelinabeadalina said...

LOL, I would've wanted those if I'd seen them, but my mother wouldn't have agreed to buy them for me!

ellen said...

Wow, I knew I'd posted to this thread but didn't see my name anywhere. Guess I forgot to do that - I'm the second in with "anonymous."

angelinabeadalina said...

LOL, Ellen, I thought it sounded like you, but I wasn't quite sure! These are comfy ones for tootsies.

WhimsybyMari said...

very nice angie, i just thought everyone wore socks and sandals. i just can't see vicki in those socks but she does have shoes like that. i always wear the same birkis out and don saw my foot this week, 'eek mom you have stripes on your feet" they are so funny looking. scheduled for surgery tonight-tomorrow. soon i will be able to use capital letters ! '