Thursday, July 24, 2008

Walkin' a Few Blogs, Enjoyin' the Scenery...

The other day, Captain Elaine tagged me with this award for my blog. Well, you know me, any encouragement at all for my motormouth ramblings, and I'll just keep on blogging a mile a minute! The thing is, I'm not so great at copying and adding pictures from someplace on the web. For now, I'm going to go ahead and write this without trying to put that award here. . . otherwise, it could be yet another week before you ever find out where I'm sending you to see my seven pics for blogs that a fun reads!

Here's my acceptance speech: Thank you! I have no idea to which ancestor goes the gratitude for the motormouth-smartass-contemplative gene, but THANK YOU. If it weren't for that tidbit of me, my family would've enjoyed way too many moments of quiet, peaceful bliss. Instead, since I was gifted with a run-on sentence brain and a mouth to match, they have endured countless moments, nay long stretches, of AnFaye rattling on and on about practically nothing :)

So, if you're in the mood to start your day with a few pics of cute critters and pretty flowers and even a bald eagle, please drop over to Mari's little spot of whimsy and leave her a "hello" and a smooth recovery wish. Mari, my dear, you are hereby awarded the

Ta-da! and Congratulations!

Now, for the next six award winners.

If you'd like to travel to the southern hemisphere for a taste of living in South Africa, please go visit Michelle and Anthony and their boys. Mich's Ramblings of a Lunatic Mom and Lampworker are really a glorious mix of daily thoughts and photos that will make you feel as if you are right there with her.

As long as you are traveling to the southern hemisphere, do swing by Deb's Sew Much to Do- So Little Time creative mishmash of fiber and glass and jewelry and flowers. New Zealand may be far away from me, but just like with Michelle's blog, Deb's grabs ya and pulls ya right into her world.

Now, up in Michigan, USA, lives a cyber-sister who always brings me encouragement and some great art talk. Art Talk with Sheila Morley is a wonderful spot for peeking at some glass and learning a few things about the process of learning. Hey, Sheila **insert wave here*

What is that now? One, two, three, four? Okay, numbers five, six, and seven coming up!

For these, I'm going to surf a bit and see what interesting things come up.

Here ya go, number five. You don't have to be able to read French to enjoy these pictures at La Maison de Caro et Mehdi. Looks like these are shots of the progress of building a new house. What made me decide to add this one is all the happy faces in Caro's other blog, Des Nouvelles de Nous. Isn't that cool? You can just feel the joy in the faces-- don't need a translator to interpret smiles!

Oh, for number six, I am so totally cheating and nominating someone who's already received this award. . . you have to go see these pictures at FotoSeasons!

Now, to hunt down number seven. . . More pictures! Hooray! I've never really surfed around just for pictures that tell a story, so this is kind of fun! Check out the Architecture Art and Photography at Archimadness. Scroll down a bit, so you don't miss the people after the funky bridges or the fried egg in a skillet pics. Just pretty pictures!

That's all for now. If you are one of the seven peeps listed as award winners, all that means is besides having a fun blog to read, you are now the proud virtual owner of a copy of that Brilliante Weblog image. What you do now is post that image, an acceptance speech thanking anyone you want to thank for helping you in life, a link back to me (iffen ya want, but hey, most of ya already have me in your blogroll, so it isn't necessary), and then a list of 7 blogs you want to give the award! Voila! You're done, and you've helped spread blog-goodness all around the www!


ellen said...

Ok - I am putting off going to those blogs until this afternoon. I'm already so addicted that adding more could cause serious damage to my home life. Ah, what the heck - I'm retired, sorta, so I can do whatever I damn please, right?
I come by the motormouth from my dad. I can tell a really good joke with accents and gestures; often times adding to the joke making it really, really long.
When my son was little and I read him "Jack and the beanstalk" I'd get so carried away with the "fee, fie, foe, fum" part, it scared him and he asked me to skip that part.

angelinabeadalina said...

Fee, Fie, Foe, Fum, I smell the workings of a really fun mom! Ellen, you're terrific, woman :)

Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

Thanks for the kind words about my blog. You're making me blush. Word of warning - it's stinky in there right now. LOL

rosebud101 said...

Congratulations, Ang! You deserve the award!

KOSTAS said...

Congratulations for the discrimination that you took!
Thank you very much for honor that you make me give this award!