Saturday, July 5, 2008

What a Wonderful Week!

Tomorrow morning I will be busy packing the car with clean clothes and dirty clothes, junk bucket goodies and hand-me-down Crocs flip flops, a beet or two and cabbage, and maybe a handful of hen 'n chicks (the plants, not the critters) to start growing on my own back porch.

Just this evening, the cat and I sat on those steps in the new flower spot. The cat seems to like that spot, and so do I. I like to sit there and feel the breeze as the sun gets lower in the sky. Listening to the sounds of power tools and hammers as Granddaddy and Uncle Bubby work on the playhouse, listening to the sounds of the kids swinging on the swingset, I sit contently. A rabbit looks at me and the cat with a glimmer of fear, then decides to make the run from the edge of the cornfield to the other side of the shop. The cat twitches his tail and seems ready to pounce but never does.

Other evenings this week have been filled with games of catch with Grandma and a few attempts at badminton games. This afternoon, we went to visit Nate. Bobby was still visiting with Riley, so we got to see the cute little curly haired girl. Whitney and the baby Chloe weren't there, but we did get to see them the other night at the picnic. After Bobby convinced Riley that it really was time to go, then James, Kate, and Nate had a grand time playing while Tasha and I each took a turn making a bead in her studio. I watched her make an encased floral heart, and once again, I am in awe of her florals. She makes it look easy, but trust me, it is not. After the tiny glass melting fix, it was time to run across the yard to visit with Uncle Ralph and Aunt Carol for a bit before heading back to Grandma and Granddaddy's for supper.

It's been a wonderful week.

Nighty-night, all. Gotta catch those forty winks, we have a long drive ahead of us tomorrow.


Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

Looks like everyone definitely had fun. Your flower spot sounds like heaven!

Travel safe.

ellen said...

I envy you, Ange. So glad you had a wonderful time with your family.

angelinabeadalina said...

It was such a nice week. The picnic was a "special event" but the rest of the week was just filled with everyday stuff...and that's the best kind of visit :)

Teresa said...

Oh my gosh, that garden is amazing! I think it's bigger than our whole piece of property, house and!

Your new flower spot is neat, I could totally sit there in the evenings and feel completely content.