Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ya Can't Beat a New Pack of Markers or Crayons!

James made and wore this alien mask yesterday afternoon. You guessed right-- it was inspired by one of the Star Wars movies. That is definitely a good thing about his newfound Star Wars obsession. . . it's fired up his imagination. Thomas the Tank Engine and Spiderman were fine companions, ones we all rather enjoyed, but the 'droids and 'bots and assorted aliens accompanying the SkyWalkers and Jedi Masters have really taken hold of our world.

What little kids don't draw or color, you ask? Well, James is one of those who can take it or leave it. When we still worked at the daycare (well, I worked, the kids attended), James would refuse to fingerpaint and he was quite likely to turn down half the coloring pictures that were offered, too. So, it was nice to see him so engrossed in making alien masks yesterday. I'm not one for "making" kids do any certain activity, but I have to admit the masks made me sigh with satisfaction.

Kate, on the other hand, has always liked to draw and color. It's just her thing. Being someone who only learned to roughly sketch ideas, I am so happy to see her learning at such an early age. Creativity always needs to find its physical outlet for expression. If you can find that particular outlet and start learning it, then there's a lot of satisfaction to be had as you progress. It's also perfectly fine with me if she doesn't discover the reasoning behind this but just keeps on drawing because it makes her happy!

Oh, yeah, Mommy loves a new package of markers, too! Attempting to draw outlines of my glass ideas helps me think about how I'll go about making them when I sit down to the torch. When I sculpt on the mandrel (like making a bead but bigger and closing off one end of the bead hole), I can move back and forth, adding glass here and there as the mood strikes me. That doesn't work when you sculpt off mandrel. The key to sculpting without the mandrel is to not keep moving back and forth because the shock of the heat from the flame will crack that glass that has already been melted and cool some. I know for lots of people the transition between these two styles poses no problem. For me, the transition is taking longer. . . the two styles are very different to me, and I had the on mandrel sculpting's movements ingrained fairly well.

Anyway, where was I going with that thought? Oh. The sketching an outline really helps me think about the steps I'll have to take to make something without needing to backtrack. Not to mention, I am the grownup who never outgrew the love of crayons, pens, markers, and notebooks. Back-to-school sales have always made me perk up, even after I was done with college and hadn't even thought about having kids. Some moms might dread the school supply list-- the store you are in at the time never seems to have just the right style of scissors for the little ones (was that pointed or blunt? red handles or green handles? and were those handles the plain old kind we had as kids or the fancy new more ergonomic ones?). Me? I could happily wander the school supply aisles for hours. The hardest part for me is only buying what is on the list!

Hmm, we just might have to get a new big box of crayons at the store today. . .there's nothing like carefully punching loose the perforation around the lid, tilting it back, and then silently, reverently, contemplating which color to use first. You finally lift one out of the carton, read its name, put it back, and check the names of a few more. What was once Midnight Blue some thirty years ago is likely to have a newer, more modern name. What once required mixing a peach and a yellow now comes in one Macaroni and Cheese color crayon. Ah, but what was once a thrill that lasted all afternoon, or at least until the papers had to be peeled back and the sharpened used, is still a thrill!


rosebud101 said...

What talented children you have, Ang, but then, you are an incredibly talented artist! I know what you mean about school supplies. I was wandering through Wal-Mart the other day looking at school supplies. It's so neat to smell the crayons. I love them, too!

ellen said...

I need to buy a b-day present for my little neighbor who will be 5 next week. I was set on pop beads but can't find them anywhere.
Now I'm thinking crayons!
I remember getting that big jumbo box. Reminded me of stadium seating. And it had that way cool sharpener in the back.
I loved the smell too.

Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

Okie dokie!! Now I need to purchase a huge big box of crayons. You are so right - the colours, the smell!! Colouring sounds like heaps of fun.

Hubby thinks it's funny how I am always search the glue aisle for the one that does the job - if there is a new one out I have to try it - I have a glue addiction apparently. I just love sticking things together. LOL

This is why I am enjoying the Homeschooling journey so much. All the stationery and stuff I get to buy. LOL


Cindy Gimbrone said...

Hi Angela,

So will we be seeing your drawing in glass? I agree that drawing a design out will help to figure out how to do it when you're at the torch. I have a little sketch book for just that reason.

Love your son's Star Wars mask! He's done a fine job - lots of good lessons in Star Wars. My son was a Pokemon fan and continues to be - so I imagine your son will keep his love of all things Star Wars. It's good to have something you love like that.

Keep creating!

Deb said...

WoW Ang - the kidlets did well! It's always awesome to see a young 'reluctant' artist find the thing that inspires them to 'have a go'!
One of my babies was a bit like that - says she is no good at art, but she does the best darn cartoons I've seen in a while *sigh* - she has even created her own character.
I'm an absoulte walk over when it comes to stationary stores - can't escape without at least buying something - or perhaps that should be multiple somethings!

Deb said...

Ang - I just had a thought after I had hit the publish button. (It's late here - I'm slow! lol).

Just something my kids used to love doing when they were a bit younger. I'd get all the short ends of crayons & grate them with an old cheese grater - or peeler. We'd get a large piece of paper & fold it in half, then they'd design with different colours of crayon shavings on one half.
We'd fold the top half back over & I'd iron it for them with a hot iron with the artwork sandwhiched between newsprint or similar - & they'd have a great piece of designer abstract art.

Heaps of fun - & I always felt so thrilled that I'd actually found a use for my iron ;o)

angelinabeadalina said...

Heehee, Deb, the hubby is the only one who bothers much with the iron around here. He'd freak out if one of his nice work shirts had crayon crumblies on it (and I'm just saying this because I *know* that being the slob I am, I would either catch the paper on fire or scatter crayon crumbs somewhere!) Anyway, the iron we have has about bit the dust, so we'll have to try this with it, soon as the new one comes out of the box!

angelinabeadalina said...

So, do you all think all adults still love crayons, or is it just all of us peeps who like playing with glass? Ellen, Cindy, Mallory, Deb, Mich,me,and probably many more(Tasha? Carol?)...oh, heck, of course, glass peeps gotta still love crayons. Look at how we still play with rods of color and still anticipate the joys of opening a new box!

Deb said...

Aww Ang - do I have to admit to still pplaying with crayons? Well actually I think I kind of already did - lol!
Dare I mention that there are some awesom fabric crayons available to play with..........

Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Guilty... I love to color.... I spend gobs of money on pens and pencils and color crayons... when you're grown up and doing the artist thing... they are called Conte crayons... and boy are they messy... but I love um.... watercolors are not nearly as messy as the contes... and then colored chalk... um called pastels when you're grown... oh yes... I melt a bit of glass every once in a while... How could your kids be anything BUT creative...