Friday, August 1, 2008

Argh. That's it. Just "Argh."

Argh. Fail. Again.
Won't they be pretty when I figure out how to do them right?


rosebud101 said...

Ang, I love your mistakes. if you want to sell them, let me know! I think they are great!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ang guess who ??? Yes it is little brother Will Pill Just what are those critters ? I'm to much of a Kentuckian to know what they are . Oh your father is talking about putting air and heat in the play house along with satallite tv , I have a question though if I put in a peep hole for the kids at 4 feet is that ok for you and soupie and norm

angelinabeadalina said...

Thanks, Mallory :) She has another crack in her tail where it bends, or I'd have her up for sale. I'm thinking maybe I've been going about it backwards and need to do the tails last instead of first...don't know why I started doing that, just so I could have something to hold while I did the torso, I think.

Hey, Country Boy, it's just a cross between a faery and a dragon. Heck, that playhouse is gonna be fancier than the real house! Do you recall our playhouse? You know, no windows or door, let alone lights, air, and tv! Methinks, sometimes grandkids rate a bit more spoilin' than the kids, huh :)

Deb said...

Ang - she is pretty anyway. Irregardless of where she has cracked - those minor imperfections don't visually spoil her wonderful flow & balance. She's gorgeous!!

ellen said...

I am soooooooooooooo looking forward to see the progress.